How accurate are the sibling DNA tests

Sibling test

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Sibling test for up to 3 people

  • 489 €
  • 119 € / each additional participant
  • up to 45 DNA markers will be analyzed

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When do you need a sibling test?

A sibling test can be seen as a closer relationship test. With this test, we examine whether two people are full siblings or half siblings (one parent in common) or not related. The test can also provide information about a possible father.

There are situations in which a possible father can no longer be tested, but his biological children can. If a possible father has children with, for example, two different women, a sibling test can be carried out between these children, which allows statements to be made about whether they have a common father.

Whose samples are needed for a sibling test?

Become same-sex siblings examined, an analysis of the X (sister test) or Y chromosomes (brother test) is carried out. We need a blood or saliva sample (oral swab) from the possible siblings.

  1. Brother test:
    Men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. The Y chromosome makes a person male and is inherited from father to son. A brother test examines the Y chromosome, which the father only passes on to male offspring. In the case of two suspected brothers, an examination of the X chromosome can also be used to check whether they have the same mother.
  2. Sister test:
    A sister test checks whether two women have the same father. For this, the possible father would have to have passed his X chromosome on to both daughters.
  3. Brother and sister:
    For a sibling test between different genders, we may also need samples from the mother or mothers. In any case, regardless of the constellation, it is helpful if you contact us before choosing a test so that we can advise you. The possibilities of a relationship and the resulting probabilities of results are very diverse and should be discussed personally. We would be happy to advise you: 08092 8289 260

Your advantages with our DNA tests:

Highest quality: Our laboratory is one of the leading forensic laboratories for DNA analyzes in Germany.

Security: Our scientists calculate the probability of paternity (statistical certainty) for you individually. Finally, all DNA reports are always checked by 2 of our scientists using the four-eyes principle

Free: Each participant then receives a detailed DNA report with a tabular listing of the DNA profiles of all tested people. Of course, you can call us at any time before and after the test to get advice and clarify any questions.

Our service for you: 1 free test set for every order. If the test participants live in different locations, each of them will of course receive 1 test set from us.

However, the following applies to all participants: even if the test is carried out for your private safety and is not ordered by a court, the sampling must be documented by a doctor or by us. This is stipulated by the Genetic Diagnostics Act. You can order our test set for free at any time, also for viewing. You can read all forms that have to be filled out for a sample in advance as PDF files.