What should I know about HYIP sites

Make money with HYIPs?

Right, that's the case with stocks. But not with Bitcoin. Here, too, there has to be AT LEAST one loser for every winner. This also applies to the forex market. You don't have to lump anything together because it's been there a long time. The pot is called the monetary system.

If you really understand the monetary system, you can see redistribution everywhere. And that's not necessarily unfair or bad. Only a communist system can be so “perfect” that everyone gets the same thing (please note the quotation marks). Ultimately, everything will be redistributed somewhere. In normal life there are always winners and losers. Attitude determines whether we say: "Life is unfair to me (or the market)" - or whether we strive for our own victory, no matter where or with what (even in the crazy HYIP market).

Anti-Robin Hoods in the form of large “whales” (or sharks as I prefer to call them) are enough for Bitcoin. Likewise, the good-natured anonymous gentlemen who created this zero-sum game will certainly have secured some reserves in the form of BTC. Robin Hood only appears in the film. Where there is no real opposite, there is also no main part, I would almost like to say.

Even for stocks, the increase in value must also come from somewhere. That means more income for the company. Someone gave their money to make shareholders win. One has to look at the monetary system from a larger perspective if one is to understand the redistribution of money in the world. Everything is one giant gigantic ponzi and you can make the most of it by playing along. That might sound negative, but it's actually not that bad.

What is the difference between taking part in a HYIP and other things my money is given to a banker, whale, boss, civil servant or whatever? If that sounds too generalized, you don't think abstractly enough to see the truth in the monetary system.

The system just somehow emerged from the game of life and everyone contributed to it - so why should it and all mutations in it be wrong?

The monetary system is not bad at all, humans are: yes, it reflects the “justice of the universe” in the wild. Perhaps there is no other way to do it. Perhaps there will always be winners and losers in everything and it will never be the case that everyone can be treated equally, but there will always be people with more assertiveness, skills or talents and people with less ...

My words were not that the universe ensures justice, but rather balance: the tiger kills the kitchen cell because it is hungry, not out of lust to kill (attention: no comparison with admins, but a perspective of my point of view). Ultimately, it remains that the skills of the tiger and the garden cell decide who is allowed to continue to live today. The universe does not justify this "injustice", but it allows it. Of course we have reached a civilization at the moment and I no longer have to kill anyone to get my food. I let kill at most. Someone else will do the job for me when more captive animals die annually to feed me than Jews in war. But that's a different topic, because either way, it's not about food anymore. Today it's all about money, but that much hasn't changed yet. As I said: Maybe there is no other way and that's okay too.

Maybe that justifies "every" crime, but maybe not. Perhaps there are worse crimes in the world than HYIPs. Perhaps there are less dire crimes in the world, or crimes that aren't at all. Nevertheless, the state claims that (the establishment of) HYIPs are a crime and we obey because we are afraid to mess with them. The universe ensures its rules and laws regardless of the regulations of the state, but the state determines whether we consider a thing to be okay or not, including any parties involved. I could enumerate thousands of things that fit into this pattern - conversely, I can enumerate thousands of things that are not considered a crime.

Lotto is one of the largest Ponzi schemes. However, as a participant, you have absolutely NO opportunity to increase your chances of winning. I find THAT unfair. If you thought it wasn't a scam, I was at the mall the other day and saw a 15-second video on a giant plasma TV. It hung very high up and seemed as big as my 3-room apartment. On the screen was a scantily clad woman in a bikini. She was on a wise yacht. The camera drove up to her from above and then back again. The video ran in a loop. Underneath was: "Lotto ... etc."

One cannot question that HYIPs are a fraud or a crime. But you should question if you only see HYIPs as a fraud and demonize the HYIP player, but not the lottery / forex / crypto player? Just because the state says that's legal and the other isn't? Because of the state it is said: You take part in crimes, my friends, and earn the money of the naive losers. Why doesn't anyone say that at Lotto? Because it's legal?

So something's wrong here. Either this separation was put into your head by collective thinking and forex trading is a crime too, or the HYIP market isn't that bad after all. Somewhere in the middle and between our two points of view is probably the truth. Exactly where the balance of the universe lies. Everything else is just extremes and opinions.

I don't mean breaking laws, but where there are none, none are broken. It is also not unlawful to invest in HYIPs, only to recommend them. Not even advertising is a criminal offense. As long as no clear promises are made (a recommendation), you can pass on your relink.

Why not pull down the winners of the crypto market? Because they win in a more honest market? Is that so? Then please take a closer look. If you think it's fair there, I think that's “not okay either”. Why not fault the forex market winners?

HYIPs lure, deceive and cheat better. This is true! There is nothing to counter this. But what does the winner have to do with it? He knows the rules! He exposes himself to risk on his own. The loser does not know the rules and therefore loses. Is it any different in the forex market? No! In the Forex market, the one with the most experience wins. The one who doesn't know how the forex market is going loses. This also applies to the HYIP market.

Knowledge is different, but it remains knowledge and experience. In the forex market, for example, chart analyzes must be learned in order to be able to look behind the price. A lot is happening in this market too (manipulation by banks, etc.). In the case of the HYIP market, it is the program analysis where you have to look behind the facade of every program. A lot is happening in this market too. There is still no difference.

As winners, HYIPs are no less supported than losers. In fact, the HYIP market exists because of the losers and not because of the winners. The naive and greedy make the market exist. You fall for the HYIPs. You are responsible for ensuring that the HYIP market exists. They support the HYIPs - not the winners (without them, no HYIP admin would set up a HYIP).

But why do so many losers say: The HYIP winner is not better than the HYIP operator because he earns money at the expense of the loser? I have already explained why: Because of people's attitudes, as they like to blame their failure on others, preferably on the winners. The gray HYIP market provides the best excuse to justify the loser's reaction.

I don't mean anyone personally, including you. I've heard the saying many times and people like to copy it. Now it is on this blog, although the facts prove otherwise, if we return, for example, to the subject of the lottery, where no one makes this statement to the winners. It will be happy even for them. With the lottery, the illusion is perfect because you don't have to do “anything” other than tap numbers. You can't blame anyone for anything because the winner didn't do anything better. It's just "gambling" and there is always a warning: Warning, gambling CAN be addicting.

Yes, of course, there are fewer winners in the lottery. EVEN WORSE! The rich winners and quick millionaires who have not even learned how to deal with money like the HYIP / Forex / Crypto investor then also passively advertise this gigantic Ponzi in their phase of euphoria. In the early days of the HYIP market there were certainly more HYIP winners than in the lottery, which has now been in existence for over 100 years. Gambling entrepreneurs around the world have certainly made more money than all HYIP admins put together.

In addition: The chances of winning are much better with HYIPs than with the lottery. I already explained that. I can also explain why, but that would go beyond the scope of this text.

Now that I have put your statements into perspective, back to the starting point for my contribution (if I remember correctly): You accused the winners of an outrage. I'm here to tell you the loser is shameful himself if he blames the winner because then he is a bad loser. The winner accepts the circumstances as they are and makes the best of it. The bad loser complains about the circumstances. The good loser also accepts the circumstances, learns from his mistakes and wants to become like the winner.

The "stupid" as you say, or rather the "ignorant" will always fall for it (one way or the other). But it is due to their ignorance and emotions, such as greed. You mentioned that yourself and you are right! If so, then that is your sole responsibility, because the greedy lottery player, the crypto investor and the forex investor and yes, even the greedy person who gathers many possessions does the same. Out of greed people do things that are profitable for the patient. But there is help: KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE.

The loser can accept his responsibility. The ignorant can become knowing and learn. Everyone can improve and make the best of what is given to them. And that also applies to every market that includes zero-sum games, be it the crypto market, forex market or the HYIP market. There is NO difference here. And yes, maybe it is ultimately like that with all things (which would be my next bigger point of view, which I let through here and there with words like "universe" or "balance").

The fact is: If you take part in a Ponzi as an informed participant (or at least 7-15, depending on the market situation) and are aware of the consequences, you can not only win, but you don't need to feel guilty. My auditor Bernd A. Schiller has already understood that.

Best wishes
Peter from X-Invest

PS. Once again a personal "Hello" to you, after having only dealt with a digital me. Personally, I have nothing against your blog or your point of view. I still enjoy discussing the topic. So no offense and not meant to be angry. Didn't want to put your article in a bad light either. I also agree with you on many points, just not on this one very specific one. I can agree, for example, that there are no "serious" HYIPs. Since my blog is currently empty because of writer's block, I am happy to give you my point of view as content in the form of two extra articles for your blog (eat Google). 😉

PPS. By the way, my blog can be reached by my name, if you want to take a look. You can also find our community there. Self-thinking people like you are always welcome there. And I'm serious, because my mucus meter is only 30% at the end. 😉