Is Harry Potter really a half-breed



As Half-blood (in the original: Half-Blood) denotes a witch or wizard who has Muggle ancestry. This racist classification rates all magical people who do not have "pure" wizarding blood as inferior and not really magical. In doing so, not only the parents are considered, but also ancestors further back. Harry is a half-breed because his parents were wizards, but his mother comes from a Muggle family.

This is comparable to the racial ideology of the Nazis, where once "dirty" blood remains "dirty" in all subsequent generations.

Non-racist magical people use the racially defined terms Half-blood and Pure blood, but deny that parentage has anything to do with individual magical ability. The offensive expression Mudblood, with which magical racists disqualify witches and wizards of Muggle origin, on the other hand, is considered despicable open discrimination and is never used by non-racists.

Translation review

  • According to the biological point of view, "half-bloods" are sometimes discriminatingly referred to as "half-bloods" in the German translation.
  • In the German translation, "Half-Bloods" (= magical people who descend from magical and non-magical people) and "Half-Breeds" (= half-men like centaurs, half-giants or werewolves) are incorrectly referred to as "half-bloods". Why these two discriminatory terms are different in the original, and what differentiates them, see Racism in the magical world.

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Known half-blooded magical people

With a magical and a non-magical parent
  • Seamus Finnigan - (mother: witch, father: muggle)
  • Gilderoy Lockhart - (Mother Witch, Father Muggle) (Pottermore)
  • Remus Lupine - (Wizard Father, Muggle Mother) (Pottermore)
  • Minerva McGonagall - (Mother Witch, Father Muggle) (Pottermore)
  • Malcolm McGonagall - brother of Minerva McGonagall (mother witch, father muggle) (Pottermore)
  • Robert McGonagall Jr. - Brother of Minerva McGonagall (mother witch, father muggle) (Pottermore)
  • Tom Riddle - (Mother: Witch, Father: Muggle)
  • Severus Snape - (Mother: Witch, Father: Muggle)
  • Dean Thomas - (mother: Muggle, father: unknown wizard)
  • Sybill Trelawney - (Mother: Muggle, Father: Wizard) (Pottermore)
  • Celestina Warbeck - (Mother: Muggel, Father: Magician) (Pottermore)
  • Dolores Umbridge - (Mother: Muggle, Father: Wizard) (Pottermore)
With Muggle grandparents
with Muggle ancestors of previous generations
Half-bloods whose ancestors are unknown

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