How often are government employees paid

Will government employees who took vacation during the shutdown be paid later?

They are likely to be paid retrospectively whether or not they have worked.

The House passed HR3235 to provide compensation to a federal, state, or local worker who took vacation due to a loss of funds that began on or about October 1, 2013.

(a) GENERAL. - Any federal or state employee or local employee who is on leave due to a fund loss (from the United States Treasury Department) commenced on or about October 1, 2013, will become that employee's standard rate of compensation for the period of such forfeiture of funds, as soon as this is possible after such forfeiture of funds has expired.

In the meantime, workers on leave are likely to be eligible for unemployment benefit. If the Senate passes and the President signs the House bill, these federal employees will be paid for the time they were not working. This was the previous case in the last 16 shutdowns. You should then repay the unemployment benefit you received. Given that governments have had improper payments in the past, about 12% of federal employees get not only more than two weeks of vacation, but also an additional source of income.

Program: Unemployment Insurance, Agency: Department of Labor, Reported Illegal Payments: $ 13.7 billion / 12%, Reported Root Cause (s): Overpayment to applicants who continue to receive benefits after they return to work, ineligibility and applicants who have not been fulfilled Active job search requirements

Lateral Fractal

Not getting paid for work is uncommon, but perhaps this unscheduled paid vacation habit was introduced to prevent staff from bleeding in unpredictable ways. You're going to lose some anyway as some people are opting for reliable cash flow elsewhere.


It wasn't a vacation for the people I knew, they had house payments and kids in childcare and no indication of whether they still had a job. It was extremely stressful for them, and not all government employees are paid well, some government establishments have cafeterias, and the people who work them do about what they would do for fast food.