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Translation of "hat" in Japanese

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This cap is too small for you.
This cap already matches the brown dress.
This cap is too big for you.
She showed us a nice one cap.
If it wasn't for imagination, it wouldn't be a cat cap and no Dr. Give Seuss.
は そ れ が 想像 の た め で な か っ た ら 、帽子に 猫 お よ び Dr.
This cap is too big for you.
The wind carried hers cap from that.
My uncle always had a sandwich at cap.
お じ さ ん が マ ー マ レ ー ド サ ン ド を い つ も帽子の 中 に 入 れ て た ん だ
Cover the pot with your cap...
That was the cap of the researcher?
で も 探 検 を し て お じ さ ん に こ の帽子を あ げ た ん で す
Give me that cap my father's back.
A white one cap for Mr. Snatcher!
The girl had a big red one cap on.
This cap will look good on her.
This cap is too small for me.
This cap is a little too small for me.
My cap is bigger than Jims.
Her hair looked under hers cap emerged.
My father gave me this cap Bought.
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