Which Udemy courses are not working

Udemy Review 2021 - So Check Out Alternatives

All the successful people I know are constantly learning and improving their skills. Online courses are a great way to do that.

Udemy offers a lot Online courses. Some are for fun, others help in life or even serve your career.

There are certainly situations where Udemy is the best platform for you, but there are also reasons why other course platforms might be better.

I regularly take online classes for fun and learn new skills with them. I've all used Coursera, Udemy, Fiverr Learn, edX and so on. That is why I believe that I am the main ones Be able to assess and explain the advantages and disadvantages of Udemy well.

Before you spend your time and money on a course at Udemy, read this Udemy review and see what you're getting into.

What is Udemy and how does it stand out?

Udemy wants to be the platform for online courses that you simply everything can learn.

There are 100,000+ courses on Udemy. Some are about professional skills and some are about hobbies (even stuff like you play certain video games).

Organizations can give employees access to the most popular courses from Udemy and encourage them to continue their education.

Even so huge Companies such as Adidas, Pinterest and Eventbrite have already made use of the offer.

There is such a wide range of topics because of Udemy anyone can publish a course. That's why there are courses here on how to taking care of plants and you won't find such courses on other platforms.

That everyone is allowed to teach is good and bad alike. It's great that people can share their experiences even if they don't have a certificate. Many Udemy course providers are students or professionals who are actually experts in their field.

What's wrong with that? Because Udemy is so open there aren't many well-known teachers or university professors. They prefer to teach on prestigious platforms such as Coursera.

Furthermore are some courses just plain bad. If I want to offer a half-finished course tomorrow, I could do that.

However, I would get bad reviews from most of the people who took the course. Therefore, you should concentrate on the highly rated courses so that you don't waste time. There is also some issues with Udemy's rating systemwhich we will look at shortly.

Course types offered by udemy

You can search for courses by keywords. Alternatively, you can browse the categories.

Each main category (for example, design, finance, photography, health, fitness and so on) is broken down into several sub-categories.

Each category page provides a mix of trending and popular courses for you to choose from.

Most courses cost between $ 25 and $ 200 if you buy them at full price. Often, however, there are discounts or, if you have a voucher, you can even take part for free.

Do you want to learn with the help of a special offer?There are always discounts of some kind on udemy. But they depend on the course you are interested in. In the end, it depends on the creator of the course whether there is a discount or not.

My experience with the courses: a look behind the scenes

In the past three years, I've taken three courses at Udemy. For this review, however, I signed up for a new one. I wanted to make sure Udemy hasn't changed much.

I'll show you what it's like when you take a course at Udemy and point out the advantages and disadvantages.

I decided on WordPress training because I know WordPress well and can therefore assess the quality of the course.

The course is taught by David Murray. He is a seasoned web developer who works for an SEO training and consultancy company.

Buying the courses is easy. Once you create an account with Udemy, click the purchase button on the course page and you will be directed to checkout.

You can pay with all major credit cards or PayPal and there are no hidden costs.

If you now open the course itself, you will see that it is divided into different sections (e.g. lectures), which in turn consist of several small videos.

Such small bites are ideal if you only have a few minutes from time to time for your course. Furthermore, smaller lectures can be processed more easily than lectures lasting several hours.

The software itself is straightforward, and the video player has some nice features. With this you can:

  • Change the playback speed
  • Jump back and forth 5 seconds
  • Activate subtitles
  • View a transcript (it shows in the right sidebar)

Another great feature is the "Q&A" section, which you can find below the video player.

If you don't understand something, you can ask questions and the teacher or other students can answer them. There is a separate Q&A section for each video in the course.

This is a great and sometimes useful function that other platforms such as Fiverr Learn not offer.

Unfortunately doesn't always make sense. In other courses I have taken, the teachers are not very active in the Q&A areas. Since only people visit these areas who do not understand the video properly, other students usually do not really help at this point.

General impression of the course

After taking all of the lessons, there were a few things that should be considered regarding the Quality of the course stood out positively:

  1. Good quality video and sound. I just understood the teacher and the quality of the video was high enough to see everything on the screen.
  2. Good speed. The course was aimed at beginners and I found that you noticed that too. Every small area of ​​a function was worked through in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Not quite up to date. The course was published in 2018. WordPress has had some major updates since then. Most serious is that the course is inconsistent with the new GutenbergBusy editor, which is a bit intimidating, especially for beginners. That really should be included in the course.

Do I think the course is worth $ 200? Absolutely no way.

But $ 12 is a reasonable price. You can find comparable guides on YouTube for free, but they're not so well broken down, and that's very useful.

Is there a money back guarantee for Udemy courses?