Why do people love snow so much

What it says about you when you look forward to the first snow

Why are some people happy when the first flakes fall and others curse? Not only (but also) a question of character ... If you are looking forward to the first snow, we know this about you:

1. You have not forgotten the child in you

The child in you doesn't have to find a home, it has one. And a really loving one. Because you give your mini alter ego a voice in you. And yes, it just squeaks quite happily when the cool white gold trickles from the sky.

2. You are an optimist

Because a pessimist would be annoyed about scratching a car, the risk of accidents, the ailing rain gutter and the stupid snow shoveling. Since being angry and happy at the same time doesn't really work, there is only one thing left: You are an optimist!

3. You have fond memories of the past

Drink warm cocoa while a snow storm is raging outside, run across glittering snowy landscapes, go sledding, crush ice crusts ... all of these are probably part of your childhood memories. To be happy about something is always associated with good experiences. Speaking of "good" ...

4. You see the good in everything

Anyone who manages to recognize the magic in frozen water is certainly not entirely untalented when it comes to "seeing pink". In every person, in every situation. Rags are not part of your repertoire that often ...

5. You are not afraid to leave your comfort zone

If you are not afraid of the cold, mud and clogged streets, you would discover distant countries without batting an eyelid. Comfort zone? What's this? Oh, what you left on the day you were born and never looked again ...

6. You are close to nature

Anyone who makes their happiness dependent on natural phenomena can only be a child of nature. That's right! Louis Vuitton doesn't make you happier than snow!

7. You can't get your mood spoiled so quickly

Ok, at most with a degree above zero and rain ... :-)

8. You have a particularly good chance of getting very old

How do we know? Well, several studies have shown that optimistic people are healthier and live longer. See what it is all about to be happy!

9. You are a fantastic mom / grandma / aunt / godmother etc.

Of course you can pretend in front of the children that all the joys of children are fun too. But hand on heart, we also noticed earlier when someone just did the compulsory program for us. True joy in childish little joys (like snow), which you can feel as a child through and through.

10. You don't take life, yourself and the world too seriously

"I'm late for the meeting because of this stupid snow" - you won't hear that sentence from you. Because you know: The world keeps turning even in white. Even if you're late.