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6 ways to give your employees access to airport lounges

One of the best ways to help your mobile workers through the rigors of a long haul flight is to have access to airport lounges. These oases serve as a refuge away from the service desert of the normal airport and offer a wide range of amenities.

In a lounge, travelers can enjoy free snacks and drinks, relax in comfortable relaxation areas, recharge their batteries with a shower and even lie down for a massage. And in the event of a delayed or canceled flight, the lounge reception can also serve as a gate agent - without an angry horde of disgruntled passengers, of course.

You've always known the magic of the airport lounge, but you also think it's too expensive a luxury for your employees. Don't forget: access to the lounges usually comes with perks such as free checked baggage, priority boarding and all the little things that make a long business trip more palatable for your employees. All in all, lounge access at the airport pays off in the long run.

There are a few ways your employees can take advantage of airport lounges on their business trips - and not all of them will break the bank. Take a look at our suggestions below:

For those who don't want to commit

We got it: The idea of ​​spending several hundred euros on access to lounges might be too expensive for your company or it might just not make sense due to the frequency of business trips or other factors. In these cases, consider a day pass instead.

LoungePass is a simple way for you or your employees to find out about lounges in the respective country and to buy a pass in order to take advantage of the offer. The passes start at around € 20 and get more expensive from then on, but keep in mind that most of these passes are typically valid for a few hours at most. Nevertheless, these few hours in the middle of a long-distance journey can work wonders.

For employees who frequently travel with an airline or alliance

In the past, companies have had no hesitation in granting lounge memberships to their mobile workers. And now? Not so often anymore. But that doesn't mean that these advantages aren't worth it. For some Ofifice managers and their employees, lounge membership is an asset that is worth the entry price.

Every major airline alliance has some type of frequent flyer program - just expect to pay between $ 400 and $ 700 per year for this privilege. If your employees only use one or more airlines from a particular alliance, this could be an exclusive benefit for executives.

If your employees would rather benefit from loyalty to the company in question, then achieving elite status is a less costly option. After all, loyalty is the cornerstone of any business. The aviation industry is no different. Most airlines offer lounge benefits for elite status holders, with benefits that span the entire network. To take advantage of these benefits, make sure your travel policy covers the best loyalty programs for your employees. These programs can benefit both your employees and your company.

For employees traveling on different airlines

Contrary to the last tip, purchasing a third party membership in an independent access program to the lounges may be your best choice if elite status is not an option or you typically don't buy first class tickets for your employees.

Priority Pass is the best known of these programs and gives access to over 900 airport lounges in 400 cities worldwide. Its Chinese counterpart, Dragonpass, practices the same with over 850 lounges worldwide.

For employees who want more flexibility

Times have changed and it's not just airline lounges that are available. Public lounges, where travelers can get comfortable chairs, snacks, Wi-Fi access, light meals, soft drinks, and in some places massages and showers for a fee, have established themselves and are certainly worth a visit.

Your employees may not need access to the lounges for every trip, or they may not be eligible for full membership in a particular airline's frequent flyer program. The purchase of access to one of these public lounges can in this case be written off as an expense and, on balance, is a milder loss. To find out if there are public lounges in the airports that your employees visit frequently, see Plaza Premium.

An app called LoungeBuddy enables users to consult their database of free and paid lounge options. Employees can use them and claim the costs as expenses, or office managers can use them to organize access before a trip. In both cases, the app compares a traveler's personal profile (itinerary, frequent flyer memberships and credit cards, etc.) with the desired services (Wi-Fi, shower, etc.) in order to suggest the closest lounge near your employee's gate. In addition, it offers photos and reviews of the premises - just in case your employees are a little picky. Download LoungeBuddy for iOS or Android here.