Is it better to peel an apple?

Are most of the vitamins in an apple under the peel? And what about carrots or cucumbers?

Carrot peels with important fiber

In the case of carrots, the skin is no more colored than the inside. So the carotenoids are evenly distributed. Even with these bowls, however, it is worthwhile to eat them because of the fiber alone. They are an important part of a healthy diet, but very few people manage the 30 grams per day recommended by the German Nutrition Society (DGE).

Nowadays we are used to peeling fruits and vegetables. I find it interesting that in the recommendations for kitchen practice in traditional housekeeping, “peeling” does not mean completely removing the peel. Instead, the term is very narrow and understood primarily as the cutting away of rotten, hard and inedible plant components.

If peeled fruits taste better, they should be consumed as quickly as possible because the vitamin content decreases significantly after a very short time. Vitamin C, for example, is very sensitive to light and air. To avoid getting tanned and the associated loss of vitamins, a few squirts of lemon juice will help. It is also good to cover cut fruit and vegetables until they are eaten and thus protect them from light and air.

Recommended: organic products and vegetable brushes

If you want to eat the bowl with, organic produce is recommended. Because with conventionally grown fruit and vegetables there are sometimes high concentrations of pesticides on the skin and in the outer layers. Thorough washing and rubbing can reduce pesticide levels.

For root vegetables such as carrots or beetroot, a vegetable brush is helpful as it does not completely remove the peel. Incidentally, potatoes are the exception to the rule: They are better peeled because the potato peel can contain toxic glycoalkaloids.

Otherwise you should follow your taste and maybe just use common sense: Many bowls are healthy, but you don't have to consume all plants "stump and stem" as has recently become a trend among particularly health-conscious people. Even if, for example, kiwi or mango peels are not poisonous, they are one of the peels that I personally would not recommend consuming, simply because they are hard and bitter and can also be a burden on the digestive system in sensitive people.