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Which first names are allowed?

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What are the names of the children in Styria?

One of the most difficult tasks for parents-to-be is searching for a name. Some parents already know what their child should be called from the start, while this decision is not so easy for others. In 2017, 11,385 children were born in Styria. The names of 5,925 boys and 5,460 girls were evaluated.

These are the top 10 names for boys from 2017:

  1. Maximilian
  2. Jonas
  3. Paul
  4. Tobias
  5. Alexander
  6. David
  7. Luke
  8. Jacob
  9. Elias
  10. Felix

These are the top 10 names for girls from 2017:

  1. Anna
  2. Emma
  3. Laura
  4. Lena
  5. Marie
  6. Sophia
  7. Johanna
  8. Emilia
  9. Hannah
  10. Sophie

Are there any rules for naming?

Can you call your children what you want? Coke or Nutella, for example? As far as the naming of our newcomers is concerned, certain guidelines must be followed, because: In the last instance, the registry office decides on a case-by-case basis whether a name is unreasonable.

We have summarized the most important rules for you:

  • The most important rule for the registry office is that the name must provide information about the gender. If the first choice does not clearly show this (such as Charlie), a middle name must be used. However, a maximum of five first names are allowed.

  • In addition, a first name must not offend or ridicule the child.

  • Furthermore, the common short form of a given name is permitted, but not pet forms (Tina, for example, is a short form of Katharina, Trinchen would be the not allowed pet form).

  • Biblical names with negative associations are also not allowed, but saints' names and other names from the Bible are. So Cain and Jude are not recognized. Jesus can now be called your child, among other things because it is a common name in Spain and South America. With a second name, boys can also be called Maria, if the parents like it.

  • Brand names, titles of nobility, place and city names and family names are not permitted. However, Anderson, for example, is a family name with us, but a first name in Sweden. Therefore you can give your child this name. There are also exceptions to the brand names. For example, children have already been named Persil or Sunil. Brand names that are identical to first names may also be given to the child.

  • The spelling of the name results from the rules of orthography. A first name from a foreign culture must be given the appropriate accents or special characters.

If you want to give your child a fancy name, you can contact the registry office to find out whether the name is possible. By the way, registrars base their decision on the International Handbook of First Names.

Styria reporter Roland Schmidt asked Michaela Meßner from the Graz registry office what is allowed:

These first names are banned in Austria and Germany

  • Agfa
  • gramophone
  • Judas
  • Cain
  • Lenin
  • Majesty
  • MC Donald
  • Medusa
  • Mimi
  • Nutella
  • Ogino
  • Omo
  • pi
  • Pillula
  • Puhbert
  • Pumuckel
  • Rainer (if your last name is "Zufall")
  • Satan
  • Schnucki
  • sputnik
  • tiger
  • Distribution mix
  • Vitamin salt

Do you want to have your name changed?

  • Austrian citizens,
  • Stateless persons or persons of unclear nationality with habitual residence in Austria as well
  • Refugees within the meaning of the Convention on the Legal Status of Refugees and the Protocol on the Legal Status of Refugees with Residence or habitual residence in Austria

have that Right to change the surname and first name.

Competent authority

The district administrative authority of the place of residence or the usual place of residence or the last place of residence or usual place of residence in Austria.

What does this cost?

If there is a reason given in the Name Change Act:
Application fee: € 14.30 *)

In the absence of a reason given in the Name Change Act (= other reasons):
Application fee: € 14.30 *)
fixed fee: € 382.60
Administrative fee: € 163, -

In addition, fees may be incurred for enclosures that are part of the application and have not yet been billed.

You can find more information here.