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There are still far too many Obstacles in the everyday life of people with disabilities. They are disadvantaged in their job, often do not have the same educational opportunities as others and have to constantly deal with prejudices. And much their stories are too seldom heard.

We want to change that. Because in order to realize inclusion right from the start, we have to exchange ideas with one another. We are convinced that personal stories are important to Barriers in the minds of many people dismantle.

That's why we're looking Stories from real peoplewho tell us about their experiences and experiences. Individual Stories give the existing problem a face:

  • Where are you discriminated against as a person with a disability?
  • What barriers do you have to deal with on a daily basis?
  • And how do you advocate inclusion as a person with or without a disability?

We would like your story publish on our websitein order to win other people over to tell them further and thereby change something.

Send us your story via the text field below, then it will be sent directly to us - and not published. It doesn't have to be formulated and you can simply tell us about it in a few bullet points. If your story is suitable for our site, we will contact you by email.

We are happy about every article. And don't get discouraged in case your story is not published.

Tell your friends and acquaintances about it. Draw attention to intolerance and barriers. And just get active on the internet or in everyday life to promote inclusion.