Are companies unwilling to hire foreign programmers?

Hire remote developers from Ukraine? How you can benefit from it in the long term

In recent years, the Ukrainian software development market has grown rapidly, so that the country ranks second in Eastern Europe in terms of the number of developers from Ukraine. Ukraine takes the ranking of the top countries for software development 24th place. The IT industry took second place in exports in 2018 and achieved a turnover of $ 4.5 billion. According to the latest statistics, there are currently more than 200,000 developers from Ukraine, about 750 IT service companies, of which 245 more than 50 Employ employees.

In terms of the growth of the technology sector, Ukraine ranks sixth place in Europe. The rapid growth of the IT market leads to competition for IT specialists and at the same time increases the demand for highly qualified developers. Numerous training opportunities help to stabilize the balance between the demand and availability of developers in Ukraine. over 40 universities offer educational opportunities in computer science and many private IT schools bring annual 23,000 graduates emerged.

An outline of the lively IT startup scene in Ukraine

Ukraine has a diverse startup ecosystem - there are currently 321 startups in Kiev alone. On the list of the most attractive cities for startups, Kiev takes the 34th place. The city thus offers a favorable business environment for a growing number of new companies.

When you decide to work with developers from Ukraine you are competing with local startups that have grown into solid tech companies like Grammarly, MacPaw, Depositphotos, Petcube, etc. They also compete with outsourcing providers for small and large projects. Developers in Ukraine, however, prefer to work directly with customers. So if you choose an outsourcing model, you have an advantage over project outsourcing solutions.

Why do German companies develop their software in Ukraine?

Find out about the state of the Ukrainian IT market and why Ukraine is an attractive location for IT outsourcing.

Which cities in Ukraine are best for hiring developers?

There are in Ukraine five major cities: Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro and Odessa. These cities attract hundreds of international companies annually.

The largest Ukrainian technology centers

Find Ukrainian programmers in Kiev

Kiev is the largest conurbation for software development in Ukraine, where around 50% of the IT potential is concentrated. The majority of large companies are based in Kiev, which means that the competition for IT professionals is greater there than in other Ukrainian technology centers.

Find Ukrainian developers in Kharkiv

The competition for IT specialists in Kharkiv is less pronounced than in the capital, but offers a large and mature IT market. The city is known nationwide for its abundance of universities with an IT focus.

Find Ukrainian software developers in Lviv

Lviv is a city in which software development is currently experiencing a rapid boom. Due to the geographical and cultural proximity to Western Europe, many software developers are interested in living and working in this city.

Find Ukrainian software developers in Dnipro

Similar to Kharkiv, the competition for talent is less pronounced in Dnipro than in Kiev. The city has a surprisingly large potential for skilled workers and sufficient technology-oriented educational institutions.

Find Ukrainian software developers in Odesa

Odessa not only precedes the reputation of a picturesque holiday town on the Black Sea, but is also home to a surprisingly developed IT industry. Odessa attracts developers from other Ukrainian cities who work in both IT outsourcing companies and local startups.

Why should you consider Ukraine to hire software developers?

The Ukrainian software development market attracts foreign companies for a variety of reasons: Highly qualified developers, a convenient geographical location and a large pool of IT professionals for every tech stack are just a few of them. Compared to the lead times in American and Western European countries, you also need significantly less lead time to set up a development team in Ukraine. For example, in the Netherlands you can spend up to 2 years building a team of 5.

In case you are unsure if Ukraine is the best option for you, you can these 4 factors take into account in your decision:

  1. Ukraine is neither cheap nor expensive - Ukraine is reasonably priced for its money. The main advantage of the Ukrainian technology market is not its price, but its flexibility, which allows you to quickly employ highly qualified talent that you lack locally. If you are only looking to cut costs, Ukraine is not the best option for you.
  2. Ukrainians have a pretty western mentality. Regardless of the short geographic distance, there is a corporate culture in Ukrainian IT companies that Western colleagues perceive as very similar. While it is very natural for opinions to differ from time to time, you won't notice a huge difference in the way a Ukrainian or a German programmer approaches their work.
  3. Not all developers in Ukraine have a university degree in computer science. Training in other MINT subjects is not uncommon as a basis for entry into programming, so that there are great “self-made” programmers in Ukraine. Ukrainian developers sometimes start as trainees in IT companies or work part-time as freelancers during their training. This very practical experience helps you to become masters in your field.
  4. Many Ukrainians are striving for a job in IT. The IT industry is very popular in Ukraine, so these coveted positions are highly competitive. This means that many Ukrainians are ready to go to their limits in order to add value to the customer and to prove that they have earned their place in the IT industry.

How can you hire software developers from Ukraine?

Just think about what might motivate talented developers in Ukraine:

Experienced developers prefer to work with new technologies, as they are usually more efficient in use.

  • Greenfield software development

Outdated code with incorrect or insufficient documentation can turn challenges into frustration. Therefore, greenfield projects in particular are particularly popular among Ukrainian developers, as they do not have any of the above-mentioned restrictions.

  • Work as a full team member

Ukrainian developers like to work in a team and always try to collaborate with other developers on a project.

Ukrainian programmers value stability and the ability to influence processes. They prefer to use the latest techniques, methods, and tools to write great code, including automating the development process.

Good developers expect fair wages. However, a decent Ukrainian salary alone is not necessarily enough to keep a talented Ukrainian developer - it is mostly a combination of corporate image, team spirit and the ability to influence the development of a product that motivates a Ukrainian programmer not to look for alternatives .

  • A clear vision for personal development

A written or oral discussion of possible career advancement is necessary to ensure that the employee sees an overall picture of his or her professional development.

  • Clear communication with customers

Ukrainian developers value communication with customers and enjoy the opportunity to work on an equal footing with the local team. Call your remote developers regularly and invite them to team building events to make sure they feel part of a single team.

A well-crafted job description as the key to hiring developers in Ukraine

Job and project descriptions form an important basis for working with developers. The better you present yourself as a company, the easier it will be to attract highly qualified IT specialists. This is also the case if you want to hire developers from Ukraine, as they like to deal with the specifics of a product and only select projects that they are also interested in.

Tips for creating a good job description:

  • Write down all requirements for potential candidates (both soft and hard skills).
  • Describe the responsibilities.
  • Provide plenty of information about the project and its goals (this will help you find like-minded people who share your vision).
  • Don't forget to include information about the company (add a link to your website).
  • For example, if you want to highly personalize your job openings, you can record a welcome video about the job openings and the company.

To manage the process more efficiently, you can work with a technical partner who will guide you through the entire hiring process and expanding your team with Ukrainian developers. So you have more time for your own company and at the same time the opportunity to manage your remote team.

How is Daxx helping with the hiring of developers in Ukraine?

Employing developers in Ukraine with a technology partner like Daxx will help you manage the process quickly and efficiently. Daxx has already helped more than 300 customers expand their local teams with developers from Ukraine. Thats how it works:

How to hire developers from Ukraine | Our process

  1. Let us know your requirements.
  2. Interview the candidates selected by our recruitment department.
  3. Select your desired candidate.
  4. Manage your remote developers directly while we take care of all organizational and labor law matters.

To describe our recruitment process in more detail, we answer the three most frequently asked questions from current and potential customers about the Daxx recruitment process:

  1. Where can Daxx find developers?
  2. How does recruitment work?
  3. What does Daxx do against employee turnover

Where can Daxx find developers?

  1. Daxx has a longstanding candidate database that has been created over more than 20 years of commercial experience. It currently includes around 200,000 developers from Ukraine.
  2. Our recruiters work with highly qualified Ukrainian personnel consultants and use special software and tools for Ukraine.
  3. We never miss an opportunity to attend various technological and business conferences and events and to add new talent to our database.

How does recruitment work at Daxx?

Our approach to recruitment is personalized. This means that we recruit and hire developers from Ukraine based on a client's specific needs. We don't have developers working on multiple projects or idly waiting for new tasks, which ensures undivided commitment from every developer and cost transparency for customers (the Daxx fee covers recruitment, hiring, administrative management and daily support). Our recruiters not only introduce candidates who meet your requirements, but are also genuinely interested in contributing to the development of your big vision.

First, Daxx recruiters scan the potential candidate market and select the ones that best suit your needs.

In HR interviews, the motivation of the candidates, the salary expectations, their English level etc. are checked. When we have gathered enough information about each candidate, we summarize all the information briefly and concisely and introduce you to developers with a résumé, a brief description and a monthly rate. How you choose from the presented candidates is up to you. You can only have one interview or you can choose any other alternative course of action.

In our experience, most customer interviews consist of two parts:

1. HR / management interview - consists of questions about previous work experience, questions of motivation;
2. Tech Interview - assesses technical skills.

If you have a difficult choice between two or more applicants and cannot decide who is best for your position, you can conduct another interview. It can also be organized in the form of an online / offline test.

How does Daxx keep its developers in the company?

Successful recruiting is not an end goal, it's just the beginning. In order to ensure a successful and long-term cooperation with your Ukrainian developers, we use the following strategies, among others:

Professional development

We ensure that every developer has the opportunity to grow professionally by reviewing their activities in the company every 6 months. We regularly offer our programmers free English and training courses in case a customer wants to see their developers' knowledge improved.

Reasonable pay

We keep our developers salaries at or a little higher than usual Ukrainian market level to ensure your employees receive competitive local salaries. If you or your team members want to review salary increases, Daxx's HR / customer managers will help you discuss this issue and achieve a common understanding.

Direct cooperation with the customer

Since the developers work directly with you and your team, they can also make direct suggestions and have a positive influence on the further development of your product. We want our developers to feel part of your existing team and have the opportunity to pursue a common goal with the rest of the team.

Developer-friendly offices

Daxx offers its software development teams developer-friendly offices in the main development centers of Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv. All developers receive modern workplaces, all the necessary arrangements for their work and a few opportunities for recreation.

Team building events

We regularly organize theme parties and meetings in our Daxx offices to ensure developers can improve their knowledge and share experiences with colleagues. The teams at Daxx also participate in a variety of charity and community projects to do good together. One of them was e.g. the International Marathon 2019 in Kharkiv, where Daxx developers ran 10, 21 and 42 km. You can find out more about the joint activities of the Daxx teams on our Facebook page.

The Daxx Marathon Team at the Kharkiv International Marathon 2019

Tips and tricks from Daxx customers for hiring remote developers

Liad Guez,
Oktopost Co-Founder and VP Product

"Use social media, employee participation and Facebook groups to personalize the company's image and thus make job offers more attractive."

Jan Willem Bergsma,
Managing Partner at Xuntos

"Your company's specialization, the work environment and the technologies used in software development are the main factors that will help you attract the right candidates."

Drew Dorgan,
Owner of globalHMA and Workhorse Development

"Make sure candidates see the bigger picture and can stand in the customer's shoes to get a perspective from their point of view"

Jurgen Delfos,
Former CTO at Carerix

“I would suggest that anyone considering outsourcing work separately from the rest of their team, for example from home, for a while. This will give you an idea of ​​what it's like to work with a remote team . "

Answers to frequently asked questions about working with Daxx

  • Where will my Ukrainian developers work?

Your developers work in one of the Daxx offices in one of the four largest Ukrainian technology centers - Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro or Lviv - depending on your preferences.

  • What is the difference between Kiev and other places?

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and has the highest concentration of IT professionals, around 50% of Ukraine's IT potential. In other technology cities such as Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv there are of course also lively IT communities, from which thousands of new career starters emerge every year.

  • Do you have an office in Amsterdam?

Yes, Daxx is headquartered in the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

For sure! You can visit your developers as often as you want. On our part, we provide you with the necessary facilities so that you can work together with your developers in a Daxx office in a productive and pleasant atmosphere. You can also invite your Ukrainian software developers to your office in Germany.

  • Which IT specialists do you offer?

We provide a wide range of IT experts, depending on the individual wishes of a customer. This can either be a developer, DevOps, designer, QA, or someone else - it's up to you.

  • How high is the employee turnover at Daxx?

It is rare for Daxx developers to leave the company in the first year. We are hiring developers who are looking for stable and long-term cooperation with good prospects for professional development. A customer and a developer currently work together for at least 1.6 years on average, and many even for up to 8 years.

  • If I'm wrong, are your developers critical and come up with suggested solutions to make things better?

Ukrainian software developers are very motivated and really want to develop great products. They will not just do what they are told and will certainly not be silent if something goes wrong. In such a scenario, they are happy to present their proposed solutions and appreciate their influence on the project.

  • How big is Daxx and what expertise do you have?

We have more than 400 IT specialists on board, over 20 years of experience and have already supported over 300 customers from 17 countries. For the past 20 years, we've served clients from a wide variety of business areas: healthcare, fintech, e-commerce, travel, education, and many others.

For more information on how to hire Ukrainian programmers with Daxx, simply contact us using the form below. Our employees will contact you shortly.