What are good places to publish poetry

I wrote a few poems of my own and would like to publish them. Does anyone have any tips?

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Hannibal editor
They are rather light poems with a focus on love and joie de vivre. How should I go about this? Write to publishers?
Wilfried Mayer
Have you already tried XinXii or suite101? You can of course also try to write to publishers, but I'm not giving you any high hopes. You can take a look at the pages of the two providers, maybe that would be something for you to start with.
You can publish a few of your spiritual outpourings here. Our well-known critics will tell you whether it's even worth it.
root putty
Self-publish them. Or on your homepage.
If you want to earn money with your poems, you cannot avoid writing to the publishers. But if you just want a little feedback, there are also forums on the Internet that deal with the subject of writing and where you can post your poems and get feedback on them.
Mirko G√ľnther
One possibility is www.bookrix.de - here you can put poems online and get feedback from the readers. Or you can publish them in your own block first. If it should really be a book, I would choose a self-publisher z. B. www.book-on-demand.de. You even get an ISBN number.
I would also publish the texts on the Internet for the time being, so that I know how it will be received. You can first hire you at amobo.de and then watch.
... I can highly recommend Epubli!

Here is a text from the current work "My Paths":


I get everything I need.

Sometimes not what I hope for.

The gift is the not-easy way

with your guidance to the goal.

Your hands protecting me

save me from harm.

The responsibility of expanding - growing up -

with you i dare: i learn, develop and show myself.

On the way to perfection -

and mine very personal.

(Xenia Hill)