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These are the top 7 online marketing channels

Marketers have the ability to promote their business on a variety of digital channels - including websites, email, social media, SEO, SEM, mobile and display advertising. With this multitude of options, marketers often ask themselves:

Which digital channels should I use?

Before planning an effective online marketing strategy, you should understand the different channels, including their pros and cons. With this knowledge, you can then determine which channel is most suitable for your business.

A study of digital marketing methods published in 2017 found that B2B marketers preferred these seven digital channels:

  1. Website
  2. e-mail
  3. Social media
  4. Organic search
  5. Paid search
  6. Mobile advertising
  7. Display advertising

The seven channels illustrated

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Back to the question: Which digital channels should I use? To help you answer, we have put together an overview of the pros and cons:

1. Website Marketing & Blogging

Websites and blogs are not just useful marketing tools. Nowadays they are indispensable digital channels for any business. They are important tools for communicating with prospects and customers.

Blogs are one of the compulsory tools

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Today's prospects expect corporate websites and blogs to deliver a variety of content. They should answer your specific questions. Customers expect regular blog posts. Company blog posts should contain news, insights, offers, and more.


  • Flexible design options: content can be distributed in a wide variety of formats
  • Low technical "entry barrier": Due to the minimal technical effort, little IT know-how is required
  • Attracts new prospects as well as existing customers
  • Excellent for brand awareness, for establishing expert status, storytelling and passive sales messages
  • Provides the opportunity to measure and track the success of marketing strategies
  • Boost your SEO


  • The creation of websites requires strategic, design and content knowledge
  • Delivering relevant content on a regular basis can be challenging and time-consuming
  • Requires planning, organization and editorial control, especially with multiple authors

Tips & Tricks

  • Create websites and content that meet the needs of your prospects and customers and answer their questions
  • Understand your target audience by creating in-depth buyer personas
  • Pass on your knowledge
  • Build in the right call-to-actions at every suitable point
  • Publish new content consistently
  • Stay true to your company's image
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