Is Dubai a beautiful country to visit

Dubai: The best itineraries for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8 days

You plan Visiting Dubai?

Very good idea!

To help you organize your Dubaitravel I have to help 5 itineraries prepared, depending on the length of your stay: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days or a week.

You can find them all here my advice and best tips to make your sightseeing and optimize activities. You will see all the must-see attractions of the city of Dubai, while exploring during your short stay will be so super easy!

And at the end of this article I'll give you too my selection of the best hotels. Dream vacation guaranteed!

What are so the best travel routes to optimally visit Dubai?


Why you should definitely plan your trip to Dubai in advance

Some Activities in Dubai require reservations. So it is really important to your Dubai sightseeing route plan a little in advance.

Sightseeing examples in Dubai, where you have to book in advance:

  • Burj Khalifa - The ascent of the highest tower in the world is only possible with a reservation of a time slot
  • Desert excursion with a jeep (4 * 4), quad or buggy
  • Boat trips: Dinner cruise, motorboat tour to the Atlantis Hotel, yacht cruise.

If you book these attractions at the last minute, there is a risk that the date or time slots you want will no longer be available. It would be really annoying to miss out on the best things to do in Dubai!

If you plan your Dubai itinerary in advance, you can too your sightseeingorganize by neighborhoods. In this manner, you lose as little time as possibleWithpublic transport. Since the city is quite big, you save yourself numerous unnecessary trips by subway or taxi.

Made for all of my itineraries Getting to the various must-see attractions by underground, tram and taxi:

  • You can buy day or week tickets at any subway station.
  • You can find taxis all over the city: at the subway exits, hotels, shopping centers ... The taxi tariffs are regulated and cheap, without any scams.

If you prefer a car for your Dubai trip to rentyou should too Book in advance. Comparisons the prices at by clicking on the link below!

24 hour Dubai itinerary

We start with one 24-hour itinerary in Dubai. Perfect for those who just a couple of hours or a one day layover plan in the city of excesses.

Plus point: If you follow my advice, you make sure that you, in a short time, without stress and senseless running around, a good overview of some of Dubai's main attractions and you'll be back at the airport on time!

There are 3 options to choose from for this 1-day stay in Dubai:

1) Visit the city on your own, by metro or taxi.

In order to be able to optimally discover the 2 main parts of the city in one day, you should thisDay program consequences:

  • First, visit the historic Deira district and its souks. It is not far from the airport and can be reached in a short time by metro
  • Immediately afterwards go to the Bur Dubai district. You just have to take a boat from Deira to cross the river. 5 minutes later you will reach Bur Dubai
  • Then take the metro to the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the city
  • Finally, visit the Burj Khalifa. But don't forget, right now Book your tickets in advance by clicking here, otherwise you cannot make this visit!

2) Book a private sightseeing tour of Dubai with airport pick-up and drop-off.

Your chauffeur moves you 3 hours through the city and places, at the most beautiful must-see attractions, Photo breaks a.

This private touris available 24 hours a day: So you can even plan just a night stopover in Dubai to do and still discover the city! This tour is hands down one of the best options to see Dubai in 1 stress free day!

Book this private Dubai auto tour, by clicking the button below:

3) Opt for a Dubai Sightseeing Bus Tour.

Ideal option as the bus doesn't leave far from the airport: take this Metro direct from the airportout and just hold one station further, at Deira City Center. From there you can then immediately on the Hop On Hop Off bus enter!

With this tour you drive through that old dubai, at the Burj Khalifa over and even discover them artificial island The Palm Jumeirahon which the iconic Atlantis Hotel is located.

Around your tickets for the Dubai Hop On Hop Offbus (Big Bus Tours) too book, click the green button below:

48-hour Dubai itinerary

Recommended travel program for a 2 Day Dubai Itinerary:

Day 1:

Spend a good part of the first daywith the discovery of Old Dubai.

This neighborhood has its authentic and picturesque side preserved. Stroll around first the avenues of the souks (gold and spices)inDeira. After that, take a boat around theDubaiCreek to cross and in minutes theBur Dubai district to reach.

There you can visit the Dubai Museum: You get an impression of the Living in Dubai in the old days! It is well done, interesting and costs only 3 dirhams (€ 75 cents!).

Then take the subway or a taxito complete your 2 day program in Dubai with the Visit to the Dubai Frame to continue. This huge, frame-shaped tower is 150 meters high!

Go up and enjoy it beautiful view on Old Dubai on one side and the Burj Khalifa and Downtown on the other.

End this first day with a visit of the Dubai Garden Glowwho is in 2 parks is divided.

Discover the Dinosaur park, with his giant animated dinosaur and the Garden Glow, the great light and music games houses. A colorful well designed universe!

For your sightseeing this first day, you should Book 2 visitsby clicking on the links below:

Day 2:

At the second day this 48 hour Dubai itinerary it continues by visiting the Etihad Museum, that the History of the founding of the United Arab Emirates is dedicated.

After your viewing, go to foot further to the Jumeirah Mosque. You can discover and admire them from the outside on your own. If, on the other hand, you also want to see their insides, you have to take a guided tour.

You are just now 5 minutes walk from the La Mer district. This neighborhood is located on the seafront and has many Restaurants and cafes with nice decoration and great atmosphere.

Of course you can too swim or relax on the beach and the Skyline view enjoy.

In the afternoon get in a taxi and drive to the Dubai Mall, the shopping and entertainment temple of Dubai, with its 1,200 stores, Cinemas, an ice rink and an aquarium.

For the latter it is better buy your ticket in advance by clicking here, as there are often long queues here.

When the night falls, leave the shopping center and go to the artificial lake, which is located outside the center. It is your time now watch the fountain show! she finds every 30 minutes instead of.

Since this attraction (always) attracts a lot of tourists, you should, if you the best place want to have book a boat trip on the lake (click here)to be closer to the show.

So and now it's time for THE Attraction in Dubai that you can see while Shouldn't miss a trip to Dubai: The Burj Khalifa!

Simply a must! Discover Dubai "from above"! Drive into the 124th floor of the tallest tower in the world and admire the sublime view of the illuminated city at your feet. At night particularly impressive!

To see the Burj Khalifa, you have to Make sure to book your tickets in advance. Here you can find the different types of tickets (click the orange link for information and reservations) available for this visit:

To learn more about the different tickets, take a look at my article below: What's the best way to visit the Burj Khalifa?

3 day Dubai itinerary

You can find mine here now Itineraryto Dubai optimal to be able to visit in 3 days.

To get even more detailsfor your 3-day stay in Dubai, you should also take a look at my article below: 3 day Dubai itinerary.

Here I give you a summaryof the most important visits for each day:

day 1

Start your first day with the discovery the districts of Deira and Bur Dubai. Old Dubai is perhaps more familiar to you. In any case, these 2 neighborhoods are the oldest parts of Dubai.

You can find different souks there like for example theGold Souk, the Spices or the Perfume Souk, the Old Souk and also the Dubai Museum. You should visit it to find out more about that History of the city to experience.

By the way, if you are interested in the historical side of Dubai you should prefer it your sightseeing with a guided tour close. You can book this guided Old Dubai tour right hereby clicking the green button below:

And for your afternoon and evening program of your 3-day itinerary, plan these2 must-see attractions to visit:

  • Dubai frame and its magnificent spectacular city views. Remember book your ticket in advanceto avoid the long queues at the cash register. For instant booking, click here!
  • Dubai Garden Glow, with its grandiose plays of light! Make this visit at nightfall! More beautiful!

day 2

The second day this 72 hour Dubai itinerary is dedicated to the history of Dubai. Visits the Etihad Museumto find out more about the Founding of the United Arab Emirates to experience.

After this museum visit go on to Jumeirah mosque and then finally reach the district of "La Mer".

You can find numerous here trendy restaurants and bars, located directly on the sea, as well as one long beachthat invites you to swim. This place is ideal to relax a bit!

After that little break, your next goal is that Dubai Mall, themost famous mall in Dubai, where you will spend the rest of the day. On the program: Shopping and a visit to the aquariumwhich is located inside the center (Tickets have to be bought here in advance!).

When it gets dark go to the outside of the mall to find yourself watch the fountain show. It's beautiful and happens every 30 minutes. And now it's time for the highlight of your Dubai trip!

The long-awaited moment is finally here: The ascent of the highest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa! A must in Dubai!

You have the choice between different tickets, but one is for sure, you absolutely have to give your time slot in advance via the links below book:

Day 3

For the last day of your 3-day Dubai itinerary you have 2 options. Choose the one that suits your interests!


Spend this last day in Dubai and discover even more sights of this city in peace:

And for yours last evening In Dubai you can also choose between 2 options, depending on your interests: Visit either Global Village and its pavilions dedicated to countries around the world, or see them most spectacular show in the city of Dubai: The La Perle show.

beech your tickets for this show, by clicking on this link!

If you still have one more detailedVersion of this tour in Dubai wish you should also read my following article: 3 day Dubai itinerary.

This article is very useful and will help you plan your stay in the best way possible. I give you all my best tips and also a list of the bestHotels where to stay in Dubaican. Organizing your trip will be such a breeze!

4 day Dubai itinerary

You are lucky 4 days in Dubai to be able to spend? I have for you too an adapted 4-day itinerary prepared! If you want more information, in addition to this concise article, you should also read my other detailed article: 4 day Dubai itinerary.

Here you can now find a short summary of your 4-day itinerary (useful if you don't feel like reading everything). I am only mentioning the places that you should definitely visit so that you have a global idea of your 4-day travel program get. It is of course better to read the entire article mentioned above.

Day 1:Old Dubai with the neighborhoods Deira, Bur Dubai,Dubai Museum / Dubai frame / Dubai Garden Glow and its illuminations by night.

Day 2: Etihad Museum / La Mer (Beach bars, beach) / Dubai Mall / Fountain Show / Burj Khalifa

Day 3:

  • Option 1The Walk and the Beach / Cruise and ZipLine in the Dubai Marina / Mall of the Emirates / Global Village or Show La Perle
  • Option 2 - day in Atlantis Hotel Waterpark + Discovery of the artificial island The Palm Jumeirah

Day 4:Dubai desert safari by jeep (4* 4), quad or buggy barbecue in a Bedouin camp. Experience an unforgettable day!

Around to choose the excursionwhich suits you best, don't hesitate to take a look at my following article: The 7 best desert excursions in Dubai.

Here you will now find links (below) that will enable you the tickets, which you have to book in advance to buy right here. Ideal for your 4-day Dubai sightseeing route easy to organize.

And if during your stay you multiple activities want to do, you should Dubai Explorer Passto buy! With this pass are you saving money! He offers more than 50 things to do in Dubai such as (among other things, of course) a visit to the Burj Khalifa, a desert safari or a cruise.

I explain how this pass works here: Dubai pass information.

5 Day Dubai Itinerary

Here you can now find my suggestion for one 5 day itinerary in Dubai.

If you want more information, in addition to this concise article, you should also read my other detailed article: 5 Day Dubai Itinerary.

Hereinafter I give you a summary, to give you a taste of your Dubai trip!

Day 1: On day 1, go to the oldest part of the city, Old Dubai. Take a walk by Deira and Bur Dubai, discover the Souks and visit the Dubai Museum.

Continue your sightseeing tour with the Dubai frame away to admire the great view of the city “from above”. When it gets dark you should go to the Dubai Garden Glow going to you the grandiose sea of ​​lights at night to watch. A unique light spectacle!

The following tours must be booked in advance:

Day 2: On day 2 you should go first visit the Etihad Museum, then on the Jumeirah Mosque walk past until La Mer district, around there then finally the beach and the numerous trendy restaurants to enjoy.

After this pleasant little break, spend the rest of the day in the famous Dubai Mall, where you can at will shopping you can, at nightfall, in the outer area of ​​the center, the famous fountain show before you (finally) visit the mythical Burj Khalifa and its spectacular view!

All of this, of course, provided that you, as I have already recommended to you above, yourTime window in advance via the links below booked has:

Day 3: On day 3 of this 5-day Dubai route you have the choice between :

1) If you're in the mood for something refreshing and a little thrill, go for a day at the Atlantis water park (Aquaventure Waterpark). Guaranteed adrenaline rush!

2) The second option for this third day (also great!) Is to discover the Dubai Marina district, with its2 top activities:

With 2 feet on the ground again, go to the Mall of The Emirates. You can do something there Shoppingdobefore you then in the evening, again between 2 options you can choose from: Visit either Global Village with its stalls where you can buy or see products from all over the world the famousShow "La Perle" at, which is known for its high quality productions.

Day 4: The 4th day is the Desert safari dedicated, a must during a trip to Dubai!

There are several top activities on the daily program: Jeep tour (4*4), Sandboarding, Camel riding, Barbecue (dinner) in a Bedouin camp.

Book the best desert tour right now!

Day 5: On the 5th and last day of this Dubai Itinerary still exist numerous activities, that you can discover. The hardest part will be deciding which one to go with. You have the choice between:

  • theme park- A great choice for a family outing!
  • Dubai Miracle Garden with its millions of flowers
  • Madinat Jumeirah Souk and his view of Burj Al Arab.

If you more details about this 5 day itinerary don't hesitate to read my in-depth article below:5 Day Dubai Itinerary.

In this article I'll also give you a list of the best accommodations in the city of Dubai.You will see, planning your visit to Dubai will be so easy!

Itinerary Dubai: one week

If you are lucky enough to have one week-long stay in Dubai to make will can discover many sights and a lot of fun many activities to have.

You can find all the information you need to optimally plan your week-long stay in Dubai in my following article: 8 days Dubai itinerary.

To get a first impression of your stay, read the following summary of my 8 day itinerary!

Day 1:

  • Old Dubai with the 2 oldest districts of the city: Deira and Bur Dubai, where you several souks will find
  • Dubai Museum with reconstructions of scenes of life in Dubai before its incredible development
  • Dubai Frame, one of the last opened tourist attractions in Dubai: Great view of the city! Book your skip-the-line tickets here!
  • Dubai Garden Glow, a huge park with gigantic light structures. Very well designed to view at nightfall!

Day 2:

  • Etihad Museum, a very interactive museum that explains the whole process of founding the United Arab Emirates
  • Jumeirah mosque
  • La Mer district, located on the seafront with restaurants, trendy bars and a long beach for sunbathing and swimming
  • The Dubai Mall, the most visited mall in the world with almost 1200 shops, cinemas, an ice rink and even an aquarium inside the center!
  • Fountain showwhich takes place every evening and every 30 minutes on the artificial lake in front of the Dubai Mall. You can admire them from a boat (best view guaranteed): Click here to book your boat tour!
  • Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world! A must during a trip to Dubai!

To ensure that you can visit the Burj Khalifa at the time you want, you absolutely have to give your time slot in advance online booking.

You have the choice between multiple tickets: (Click on the following links to book):

Around the Burj Khalifa and the aquarium on the same day being able to visit and save money, should you thisBuy a combination ticket:

Day 3: For your 3rd day of viewing you have 2 options. Choose the option that suits your interests:

1) Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark: Spend this day in one of the best water parks in the world!

He is on the island Palm Jumeirah, right next to the iconic Atlantis Hotel and offers numerous spectacular slides (One better than the other!) With your entry card you also have access to theThe Lost Chambers Aquarium ".

Book right here:

In the evening you should definitely watch the show “La Perle”. This show is worthy of Dubai: Acrobats and artists from all over the world present their numbers in a Dream setting .

To book your tickets right now, click here!

2) Dubai on foot: Your 2nd option is still further sights of the city of Dubai to discover.

Do one first nice walk along the beach promenade The Walk and then go on to Dubai Marina.

From there you should get one Go on a 2-hour cruise on a luxury boat. This boat tour takes you to the Atlantis Hotel and includes a barbecue lunch:

In the marina you can also use one of the best things to do in Dubai, which you should definitely not miss during a trip to Dubai: The Xline Dubai, the longest urban zip lineof the world! You start from the roof of a skyscraper and fly over the entire marina.

The price of the flight is also included Photos and videos of your exploit!

To yourBook Dubai zipline tour, just click the following button:

In the afternoon (when you've recovered a bit!) go to Mall of the Emirates, for one shopping spree and to discover another attraction in Dubai: The Dubai indoor ski area. Yes, definitely nothing is impossible in Dubai: You can even go skiing here, even when the outside temperature reaches 30 degrees. All equipment is provided!

Book your tickets for Ski Dubai right here.

At the end of the day you should then Global Village with its pavilions that all countries in the world represent and local products sell, visit. A bus will take you there directly from the mall: it's really practical and easy!

Day 4:On the 4th day should you choose the best excursion in Dubai decide : Go on a desert safari!

It doesn't matter if you Explore dunes with a jeep, quad or buggy, one thing is certain: you will become one unforgettable day experience and great photos can do.