What is your least preferred name

Your profile & personal settings

You can choose a display name that will appear when your teammates mention you in Slack. If you don't fill out the Friendly Name field on your Slack profile, you'll see your full name when people mention you



  1. Click your profile picture in the top right corner of the desktop.
  2. Chooseshow profilefrom the menu. This will open your profile on the right side of your screen.
  3. Click onÂedit profile.
  4. Under the field display name enter your preferred display name.
  5. Click onSave Changes.
  1. Tap ÂYou at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Âshow profile.
  3. Tap edit profile.
  4. Tap the field display name and enter your preferred display name.
  5. In the top right, tap to save.

Note: If single sign-on is enabled for your workspace, you may have limited access to your personal information (such as display names and email addresses).

There are several words that we reserve to avoid confusion in Slack. Therefore, these words cannot be used in full names or display names:

  • Portuguese for Brazil: ÂaquÃ, Â canais, canal, eu, general, geral, grupo, mÃ, todos
  • Chinese (simplified): å½'æ¡ £, å · ²å½'æ¡ £, å ¨éƒ¨, é ¢ 'é “, 创 å »º, åˆ é ™ ¤, å · ²åˆ é ™ ¤çš“ é ¢' é “ , ç¼ – è¾ ', æ ‰ € æœ ‰ 人, ç »„, 在线, æˆ', Slack, slackbot, ä »Šå¤ ©, ä½
  • Traditionally Chinese): å ¨éƒ¨, é »é“, èŒ¶æ ° ´é– “, æˆ ', 您, å ¬é–‹ å €, Slackbot, slack, æ ‰ € æœ ‰ 人, é € ™ è £ ¡
  • English: archive, archived, archives, all, channel, channels, create, delete, deleted-channel, edit, everyone, general, group, groups, here, me, ms, slack, slackbot, today, you
  • French:  chaîne / chaine, canal, gà © nà © ral / general, groupe, ici,  moi, tous
  • German: everyone, general, channel / channel, here, group / group, me
  • Italian: tutti, canale, gruppo, qui, me, tu
  • Japanese: ムム£ ンムム«, ã“ ã “, å ¨å“ ¡, è ‡ ªåˆ †, ã ‚° ル ープ,  general
  • Korean: ì — ¬ê¸ °, ëª¨ë ‘, ì“ ì²´, ëª¨ë “, ì“ ë¶ €, ì ± “ë“, 나, ê · ¸ë £ ¹
  • Spanish: aquÃ, Â canal, general, grupo, mÃ, todos