What is the best ETF to buy

Buy ETFs 2021: Which ETFs to buy now? Best recommendations

There has been one in the last few years incredible ETF boom. Meanwhile worldwide invested almost over $ 8 trillion in ETFs. The ETF providers are always launching new products. German investors are also increasingly considering ETFs in order to provide for retirement and asset accumulation.

Alone on the German stock exchange XETRA there are currently well over 1500 ETFs from which investors can choose the right exchange-traded funds. The ETFs passively track an underlying index. This makes it possible for private investors to plan their investments independently and to increase their assets over the long term without much effort.

More and more investors prefer ETFs over funds - the low cost and the transparent structure speak for themselves. Due to the growing importance of exchange-traded funds for financial investments, we will dedicate ourselves to one in the following article Comparison of the best ETFs in 2021. Which ETFs should you buy and what should investors look out for when buying an ETF?

Buying ETFs - what should you watch out for?

Who from over 1500 ETFs want to choose the right exchange traded fund note a few things:

  • Index: Each ETF forms one underlying index from. This can be the DAX or S&P 500, for example. Any number of indices, however, that depict topics such as hydrogen, e-mobility or renewable energies are also possible. At the same time, there are special indices for certain countries, regions or the whole world.
  • TER costs: At a Comparison of ETFs should the costs must be taken into account. Ultimately, the asset managers and ETF providers charge fees for the ETF. The TER costs do not include every cost factor. Nevertheless, they are suitable for a targeted comparison of exchange-traded funds. At the same time, it's worth it Look at the tracking error. This shows to what extent the ETF development deviates from the performance of the index.  
  • Replication: Replication is about the The way in which the underlying index is replicated. Basically, the division is made into Physical and synthetic. In the case of physical business, the ETF provider buys the shares proportionately, in the case of synthetic ETF he enters into an exchange deal with a bank.
  • Broker choice: Before You Buy ETFs, you need one reliable broker. When investing, you should make sure that the broker meets all security criteria. At the same time, the fees and the offer are of great importance. We recommend at this point our test winner eToro. This requires 0 % Fees and is strictly regulated. At the same time, eToro customers will find one extensive selection of ETFs, stocks and cryptos.

Promising ETFs overview list 2021: Our ETFs recommendations

At over 7500 ETFs worldwide and more than 1500 ETFs on the German stock exchange XETRA iThe selection is of course huge. As a result, there are significantly more good ETFs than we can present at this point. Still there are below five exciting ETFs that are suitable for investors with different strategies - After all, with ETFs you can invest in the entire global economy as a basic investment or you can focus your investments on certain industries, regions and topics.

SurnameDeka STOXX Europe Strong Growth 20 UCITS ETF
2017 return21,62 %
2018 return-4,58 %
Return 201947,04 %
Return 202024,57 %
Yield 2021 (until 05/09/21)7,80 %
Fund volume319 million euros (May 9, 2021)
Use of incomeDistributing
Fund domicileGermany
Replication methodPhysically
SurnameVanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF
2017 return1,39 %
2018 return-6,01 %
Return 201930,11 %
Return 20205,39 %
Yield 2021 (until 05/09/21)11,52 %
Fund volume6,829 million euros (May 9, 2021)
Use of incomeDistributing
Fund domicileIreland
Replication methodPhysically
SurnameiShares Core MSCI EM IMI UCITS ETF
2017 return20,32 %
2018 return-10,53 %
Return 201919,61 %
Return 20208,58 %
Yield 2021 (until 05/09/21)6,74 %
Fund volume15,685 million euros (May 9, 2021)
Use of incomeAccumulating
Fund domicileIreland
Replication methodPhysically
SurnameiShares Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF
2017 return18,61 %
2018 return2,62 %
Return 201914,79 %
Return 202039,56 %
Yield 2021 (until 05/09/21)-1,9 %
Fund volume1901 million euros (May 9, 2021)
Use of incomeAccumulating
Fund domicileIreland
Replication methodPhysically
SurnameiShares NASDAQ 100 UCITS ETF
2018 return–10,15 %
Return 201941,32 %
Return 202035,94 %
Yield 2021 (until 05/09/21)7,38 %
Fund volume5,759 million euros (May 9, 2021)
Use of incomeAccumulating
Fund domicileIreland
Replication methodPhysically

Where to buy ETFs The best brokers for buying ETFs in comparison

How to invest in ETFs Step-by-step instructions for buying ETFs in Germany

The Buying ETFs requires one Broker, of you Access to the stock market granted. Most brokers now have low-cost ETFs. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile when choosing the broker you trust Look at the fees. After all, it makes a difference in the final performance whether you pay a 1.5% purchase fee or no commission. At the same time, the Selection of ETFs voices. It doesn't help if you can only choose from five ETFs. If then the broker still with Security and Reliability scores points and is easy to use, don't go wrong.

As a result, we recommend at this point our test winner eToro. Because this is where trading in stocks, ETFs or cryptos costs no fees. At the same time, you can visit eToro on the Online platform or in the app act. The user comfort is high. Also stand over 250 exchange traded funds availablethat can be bought easily and straightforwardly. Most of the brokers' online platforms have similar functions. So that you can get the Registration is quick and easy succeeds, we explain how you can buy ETFs for our test winner eToro.

1.    Registration of eToro

Around Buy ETFs at eToro being able to do so is initially one Registration required. After all, you need an eToro account so that you can then invest in ETFs, stocks or cryptos. When registering you give some personal data one and choose Username and password. You will receive one after just a few minutes Confirmation email from eToro. One click later the account is activated.

After the first login, a Verification of your data required. European law requires one Identity verification, so you have to legitimize yourself with all brokers. To do this, use an official ID and a certificate of address. After legitimation, the eToro account is available directly to you.

2.    First deposit into the account

To buy your first ETFs, you have to Account must be covered with credit. Hence choose that "Deposit money" button and select the desired amount. At eToro you stand different payment methods to choose from - for example the following:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Instant bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Skrill

The time it takes to post varies depending on the payment method. In the meantime, feel free to contact the Familiarize yourself with the demo mode of the eToro user interface and test various functions. As soon as the balance appears on the account, you can take the next step.

3.    Buy ETFs cheap and online at eToro

When the account is topped up, it is available Buying ETFs from eToro nothing in the way. To do this, simply search the extensive ETF selection or give into that Search window for the ETF you want. You can then select the desired investment amount and the Buy ETF. 

How to set up an ETF savings plan? Our step-by-step guide:

The IInvesting in ETFs via the savings plan is very popular. After all, with an ETF savings plan, you can benefit from the development of the stock market even with small amounts. In addition, you benefit from the cost-average effect, as you buy ETF shares over time when you make corrections, even at low prices. Who one Set up ETF savings plan, can lean back and relax - because the broker then buys at the specified interval automatically the ETF.

In the We recommend the Trade Republic broker to set up an ETF savings plan. At Trade Republic are currently over 1400 ETFs to disposal. In addition, the Savings plan 0 euro feesso that you benefit from the complete ETF performance.

1.     Register with Trade Republic

Trade Republic is one Mobile broker from Germany. The Registration is mostly done via the App. There you enter your personal data to open an account with the broker. This is followed by the legitimation at. This is done completely online at Trade Republic, so that you can access your account in just a few minutes.

2.    First payment to the clearing account

For the Purchase of ETFs via a savings plan Do you need sufficient credit on your clearing account. At Trade Republic is the Payment by bank transfer only possible. Experience has shown that it takes one to two bank working days until the money is in your own clearing account. Then you can start investing in ETFs.

3.    Set up a savings plan for ETFs at Trade Republic

In the last step, you need to do one more Set up a savings plan for ETFs at Trade Republic. To do this, select the order manager or search for the desired ETF directly using the search bar.

Currently at Trade Republic over 1400 ETFs available - The trend is still increasing. These can be filtered in different ways:

  • Issuers
  • Indices
  • Regions
  • Sectors

After selecting an ETF, you can see the most important information at a glance. You can look at the ETF's chart or read about the focus. With a Click on the button "Create savings plan" take the next step.

Now first choose that Interval for the ETF execution out. Trade Republic currently offers the following options:

  • Twice a month
  • Per month
  • Quarterly

You are then free to decide whether the ETF at the beginning of the month (on the 2nd) or in the middle of the month (on the 16th) should be executed. Finally, select an amount for your ETF savings plan. The The minimum amount is 10 euros. Another click on "Create savings plan now - for a fee" and your ETF savings plan at Trade Republic is ready.

What are ETFs? What is special about ETFs?

The first ETFs existed back in the 1990s. The However, the ETF boom did not begin until the 21st century.

In recent years, more and more people have been investing in ETFs. Almost everyone knows a friend or acquaintance who also owns ETF shares. The Trend leads from active funds to passive ETFs.

But what exactly are ETFs? What are the differences? And what is special about Exchange Traded Funds?

These are ETFs: Our declaration & definition

The so-called ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds. These passively build a stock market index. How it works is easy to describe. Basically, the ETF provider takes the money from its investors and buys all the securities in the index with the respective weighting. There are differences in the mapping of the underlying index, so that this simple representation can reach its limits.

Still, it's always the same: ETF investors do not invest in a single stock, but rather in a whole basket of stocks.