I keep texting me

The 24-hour SMS-writing phase at the beginning. And then?

Do you know that? You get to know each other. Swap numbers. writes. Constantly and for hours. and then the air is out - even before you've even met for the first time. How do other women make it "exciting" ?!

That doesn't happen to me often, but sometimes it does. I don't know how to do something like that. Once a man wrote to me right from the start, we got along great and wrote meters by the meter of messages, the whole interest came from both sides and after a few days (2, 3) you knew everything: job, studies, place of residence, hobbies, Whim, everything through. and at some point we came across “how are you?” well thanks, how was your day? "Quite okay, and yours?" The meeting never came. After that once happened to me, I went to the safe number the next time I got in touch: Don't always tell everything via Whatsapp, give short and rare answers, stay exciting so that you also have something to discuss on the date. I got the feeling: If you want to get to know each other, the first real meeting should come as soon as possible, otherwise you will be bogged down with silly screaming. Well Backfired with a run-up: I then replied so clumsily and without statements to some things (à la: I'll tell you over coffee! (We had actually planned that) and asked so specifically and repeatedly about the meeting that he had suggested, that the good man was annoyed / felt under pressure or whatever and never answered again at all (and left me standing on the actually agreed day without cancellation, but that's another number).

Now currently case number 3. I met spontaneously in town, had a great chat, exchanged numbers, and after an hour he received a text message. We had a continuous conversation for 2 days and we know almost everything about each other. He directly suggested a meeting that could not be implemented due to illness. He suggested a new one, I accepted. But we haven't made an evening yet. And after the overwhelming euphoria on both sides and not wanting to stop writing at all, suddenly the air is out. What else should you write besides "What is XY / flu / toothache, whatever the disease?" "Is it better, how are you?" Optionally also “How was your day?” “A lot of work, what about you?” “A lot of university”. Ufffff. Highlight: Well where was watching football? "At home. And you? ”“ Also ”. uh Yes. We definitely won't win the Nobel Prize for in-depth, lively entertainment.

How do you do that? What if you can't hold a meeting straight away, how do you keep it "exciting"? Calling is not possible, lives abroad (I live on the border, the distance is not that great). And I tried the number with “don't tell and reveal everything in advance”, that didn't work either. Help! I think the guy is really great and just want to leave all the writing and see him sitting in front of me in a bar and then let's just take a look to see if we still like each other. I'm worried that I'll screw it up again before something happens. That sucks! I cannot imagine that other women only answer messages very secretly and sporadically so that it remains totally exciting and cool until the first meeting?