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NetCents Technology Validates $ 270 Billion Cryptocurrency Market by Adopting Instant Settlements Worldwide

Vancouver, British Columbia, April 23 / PRNewswire / - NetCents Technology Inc. ("NetCents" or the "Company") (CSE: NC) (Frankfurt: 26N) today set a new standard for the cryptocurrency market. NetCents announced the introduction of instant settlements, providing traders with secure protection against market volatility and liquidity issues associated with processing cryptocurrency transactions.

So far, volatility and trader risks have been the real bottleneck and have prevented cryptocurrencies from establishing themselves and being used as everyday means of payment. NetCents will initially offer instant settlements for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin [and the NetCents Coin]. More cryptocurrencies will be added over time.

Despite the technological advances brought about by cryptocurrencies for payment processing, the risk of volatility in the cryptocurrency market has deterred merchants from accepting cryptocurrencies from the increasing number of owners of these cryptocurrencies. With Instant Settlements, merchants can now benefit from numerous advantages such as lower costs and faster processing and leverage the liquidity of 'crypto-to-fiat or crypto-to-crypto' transfers without being exposed to the risks or price fluctuations associated with cryptocurrencies accompanied.

The NetCents Merchant Gateway prevents volatility within the price of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin from affecting merchants. Essentially, the gateway supports cryptocurrencies in reproducing conventional payment methods in terms of convenience and usability. Merchants are in the safe position of being completely indifferent to the payment method of their customers, regardless of whether it is traditional or crypto currencies. An industry premiere.

"I am proud to say that we have overcome the biggest hurdle in processing cryptocurrencies without exposing merchants in any way to currency risk. The cryptocurrency transactions industry is set to change fundamentally," said Clayton Moore, CEO of NetCents Technology. "As a result of this development, merchants can now expand their products and services to an unused cryptocurrency market worth over 270 billion dollars and increase their sales easily, comfortably and securely. It was only a matter of time before the promising advantages of cryptocurrencies became a reality NetCents achieved this today. "[1]

In addition to the economic benefits of partnering digital payments with NetCents Technology, merchants and payment providers also benefit from their role as industry leaders in blockchain technology adoption. In addition, this development consolidates business processes and consumer payments into one secure, smooth process. Consumers benefit from low transaction fees, a variety of digital payment options, fraud protection and the freedom to use their cryptocurrency in everyday transactions with their preferred merchants.

Over the past year, NetCents has continuously matured its product range in order to become the backbone of global crypto transactions. Unlike other companies in the industry, NetCents has moved to partnering with leading merchant acquirers and payment processors, which has grown its user base rapidly. With the most advanced and extensive range of products, NetCents is increasingly establishing itself as a turnkey solution provider for crypto transactions. Today's announcement of instant settlements was the last missing piece of the widespread acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies. NetCents positions itself as the epicenter of this crypto revolution.

"Our technology is the missing piece of the puzzle that serves as a stepping stone for emerging and existing companies to evolve without harming their current business or payment model," added Clayton Moore. "Our risk-free payment platform helps merchants and payment processors accept these next generation cryptocurrencies while allowing them to make seamless and instant payments behind the scenes in the local fiat currency or digital currency of their choice. NetCents Technology exempts cryptocurrency transactions from any liability and dealer risks. "

In the event that you as a company or organization would like to integrate the NetCents platform into your website, please visit and register a company account to fill out the online form with it the digital integration and registration processes can be initiated.

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Information on NetCents

NetCents is a next generation online payment processing platform that provides consumers and merchants with online electronic payment management services. The company is focused on tracking the migration from cash to digital currency by leveraging innovative blockchain technology to deliver payment solutions that are simple, secure and worry-free. NetCents works with financial partners, mobile operators and exchanges, among others, to make the user experience of online transactions smoother.

NetCents Technology is integrated into the Automated Clearing House ("ACH") and registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) with FINTRAC, which ensures the security and privacy of our consumers. NetCents can be used for deposits from 194 countries worldwide and gives you the freedom to pay with the method of your choice - Pay. Your Way. (TM)

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_________________________________________ [1] Cryptocurrency market capitalization as of April 11, 2018

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