How do I clean a window

The best tips for clean windows

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The sun brings it out: a lot of dirt has settled on the window panes. These simple tips for cleaning windows will quickly ensure streak-free windows again.

For many people, cleaning windows is a chore. And in contrast to washing clothes and dishes, it is purely manual work. The few cleaning robots on the market have so far hardly proven themselves and have not caught on. With the right tools, you can quickly get clear panes again by hand.

safety first

In apartments with high windows and on upper floors, window cleaning can be dangerous. The upper areas of the panes and frames can also be easily reached on a stable ladder. If you don't want to climb a ladder, you can use a squeegee and puller on a handle.

Sink, alcohol and vinegar: it's all in the mix

The right mix in the cleaning water makes the work much easier. A mixture of warm water and a splash of dishwashing detergent without balm has proven itself. The amount depends on the dirt on the disc, especially on the outside. In addition, a little alcohol ensures that the windshield dries quickly and streak-free.

A dash of vinegar dissolves limescale deposits, a few drops of glycerine should keep the windows clean longer. Caution: Liquid soap in the water leaves streaks. Commercially available glass cleaners in spray bottles are more suitable for small windows, the inside or for cleaning fingerprints from panes or mirrors.

Protect the floor and wash the frame

Before the real work begins, you should protect the floor with an old towel. This protects the carpet or the parquet from ugly stains. Then first wash the frames and dry them with a cloth.

Clean the window with a sponge or cloth

If the water is already dirty, prepare a new mixture for the panes. You also need a clean sponge, sponge cloth, chamois leather or a microfiber cloth. Wipe the window thoroughly with a wet cloth from top to bottom, all the way into the corners and edges. A microfiber cloth dissolves stubborn dirt particularly well. Then use a puller to dry the pane horizontally or vertically, strip by strip from top to bottom.

After each strip, dry the rubber or silicone lip of the puller with a cloth. Finally, wipe the edges of the glass dry. As an alternative, there are squeegees that suck in the dirty water electrically. However, the devices are quite heavy.

Grandma's tip: clean with newspaper

If you don't want to work with a puller, you have to clean the panes dry. Newsprint is traditionally suitable for this because it absorbs moisture well and does not fluff. This doesn't work with paper from magazines. However, the ink quickly leaves black streaks on light window frames. Other drying options are tea towels or chamois leather. A streak-free shine is created if the pane is then polished with a dry synthetic fiber stocking or a fine microfiber cloth.

Soda: all-purpose weapon in the household

Environmentally friendly, inexpensive and versatile: Soda removes stubborn dirt in the household such as burnt-in food scraps in the pan and is also suitable for washing. more

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