How to make homemade artificial snow

How to make artificial snow. How to make snow yourself

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The easiest way to create snow patterns on glass is to buy artificial frost in aerosols. It can usually be found in the pavilions of Christmas toys or stores that sell for craftsmanship and creativity. Such frost can be sprayed on the windows, creating bizarre ornaments that, unlike frost patterns, remain intact for a long time. When applying patterns, one important rule should be observed: the room should not have high humidity, so you should not use it in the kitchen and bathroom. Artificial frost can also be glass on a Christmas tree.

Artificial frost can be made in Most often it is used to decorate branches of Christmas trees. There are two ways to make "snow". The easiest way is to cover the branches with office glue and sprinkle with fine foam. The second method allows you to make the frost more natural. For this you need common table salt. The larger the grind, the better the result. We take 1.5 liters of water, add 1 kg of salt and bring it to a boil. Dip spruce or fir branches in the finished solution and leave for 5-6 hours. In order not to knock over the crystals that have formed, we carefully remove the twigs after this time and let them dry. To better hold off the frost, you can sprinkle the branches with hairspray. Here you can also use imagination and use varnishes with colorful shimmer - then your branches will sparkle with all of them brighter and more shimmering.

And artificial frost can also be created on glasses that are on the festive table. To do this, dip the rim of the glass in syrup or egg white, and then in large sugar - sweet frost is a great addition to the New Year's entourage!

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You can create hoarfrost yourself. To do this, we need a tin can, salt and crushed ice. In a glass two glasses of ice crumbs, a glass of salt, again two glasses of ice, again salt, etc. After a while, drops of water in the air cover the outer walls of the glass and turn into small ice crystals, and soon everything becomes a thin layer of hoarfrost.

Useful advice

HELPFUL ADVICE. Hoar frost from salt. Any branches are suitable to create such a bouquet. It can be spruce or pine branches, willow branches, willows, or any shrub. Hardwood branches can be taken fresh or dry. To make the solution, take 2 parts of salt and 1 part of water. The water must be hot, otherwise the salt will not dissolve. The collected twigs should be soaked in the prepared solution for at least 24 hours.

Of course you can bring real snow indoors, but there is only one significant problem, it will melt quickly, this is where factory production came to the rescue, which brought dry artificial snow to the world. It is customary to decorate spruce branches, window sills, shelves and other items in the house with such snow. It's a shame that it's simply impossible to make snow out of it. However, this problem is easy to solve. In the following, various possibilities for making snow on your own are described and not only describing the generation of snow that can be modeled, but also the methods for generating dry snow.

How to make artificial snow with your own hands - the best examples

1. Made of starch and shaving cream

Pour cornstarch into a deep bowl (you can also use potato starch), squeeze the shaving cream out of the bottle, and mix it thoroughly with your hands. The snow is ready, you can shape snowmen or snowballs.

2. From the diaper filler

Another wonderful way to create artificial snow is to take a baby diaper (available in pieces at some pharmacies), open the lower part, take out the soft filler and place it in a deep bowl. Pour a little water into the container with the filler, wait for the mass to swell and mix it thoroughly with your hands. The result is very believable wet snow.

3. Foam

We take polystyrene foam (look in the boxes of the technique) and use a fork to scrape off small balls that, when pressed with a fork, detach from the polystyrene foam. A scattering of such balls is more like a small hail, but when such balls are glued to dry branches, a feeling of applied "home" snow is created.

4. Eggshell

Separate the inner foils from the egg shell, put all the shells in a clear, tight bag and rub them with a rolling pin to the desired condition.

5. From soap and paper towels

We take a roll of snow-white toilet paper or paper towels. Tear the paper into small flakes, put grated soap on the bottom of the plate and pour a piece of paper. Place the plate in the microwave for a minute. Watch what happens in the oven, the paper should rise and fluff. The soap will become soft and pliable, take out a plate, pour some water into it and mix everything thoroughly. Such snow can be used to make snowmen or snowballs.

6. Foamed polyethylene

A simple way to create dry snow: take a piece of foamed polyethylene (in boxes of equipment) and rub it on a grater.

7. Made of soap and starch

On a grater we rub snow-white soap, pour it into a deep plate, add potato starch and pour hot boiled water, beat the whole mixture into foam with a mixer. Apply the mixture to the surface of the prepared foam ball. Let the product dry. Such snow looks great on spruce branches.

8. Snow made from soda and shaving cream

An elementary way to create spectacular snow: squeeze shaving cream into a deep bowl, stir constantly and pour soda. Such snow not only smells good, but also feels cool.

Artificial sodium polyacrylate snow

5 different ways to make snow (video)

On the eve of the New Year we are all busy preparing for this holiday. You need to have time to prepare gifts and decorate the house. And if you have young children, use them to do New Year-themed crafts.

When you start doing all of these you will come to the conclusion that without artificial snow just can't. Of course you can buy it now, the choice of this type of product is huge. But it's going to take quite a long time, and it's pretty difficult to find it before the new year. Yes, and why spend the money and time looking when it is really possible to make artificial snow yourself and do whatever you want.

The question is: "How can you make artificial snow at home?". Everything is very simple, you can make absolutely any artificial snow. It can be dry and insoluble, wet and cold, sticky or crumbly, edible and decorative. In general, you can go for ideas that require the use of artificial snow.

2. The most popular way of making artificial snow

It is required:

Baby diapers.

As everyone knows, children's diapers absorb moisture very well. It does this through a substance called sodium polyacrylate. But few people imagine what it looks like, and in a swollen state it looks a lot like artificial snow. First you need to cut off the diaper and pull out a substance that resembles cotton wool. Then it needs to be crushed and placed in a deep container. Now you can gradually add water and knead the whole thing with your hands. The result is a mass that looks like real snow. It is best used in transparent containers that depict snow drifts.

Fig. 1 Artificial diaper snow

It is required:

White paraffin candles.

Powder without additives.

Take a sturdy white candle, which can be cooled down for this, and rub on a fine grater. Then glitter can be added to the resulting mass for the most spectacular look. So artificial snow Insoluble in liquids and in contact with them. Nor does it leave any traces. Hence, it is best suited for crafting. Such snow looks very natural in snowballs that you can make yourself. More details in this article. You can also sprinkle this tree with snow, but in this case it is better to add some talcum powder. Then real snow seems to be on your Christmas tree. Now you know how to make artificial snow at home, and how exactly you use it is up to you to decide.

Fig. 2 Artificial snow from candles

It is required:

White toothpaste.

It is best to use an inexpensive white toothpaste. Squeeze a small paste into a shallow container and add water. The resulting mass should be similar in consistency to sour cream. Then everything is just elementary. An old toothbrush is removed, dipped into the resulting mass and sent to the object. Then pull your finger along the bristles towards you. Spray should fly onto the subject. That's the trick.

This method works best for windows and mirrors. As a rule, a stencil or a vytynanka is chosen. The selected tool is immersed in water. Then glue it in place, blot it with a napkin and spray the mixture on it. It is very careful to spray, otherwise the spray mist will fly in all directions. So you know how to make artificial snow from toothpasteand how to use it is up to you.

Fig. 3 Artificial toothpaste snow

Make it very easy. You can shred a regular piece of styrofoam, but it won't work naturally. It is better to find a little foamed polyethylene, it is usually put in devices and utensils so as not to break during transportation. Then all you have to do is rub it finely. Add some silver to the mixture. Such snow looks best on fluffy artificial Christmas trees and how to make them as fluffy as possible. Apply some PVA glue to the ends of the branches and sprinkle the top over them artificial snow.

If you don't have foamed polyethylene on hand, you can use a white bowl made from boiled eggs. Grind it in a coffee grinder or mortar. The result is a white powder that can be mixed with sparkles and used as Christmas decorations at home.

Fig. 4 Foam artificial snow

6. Edible artificial snow

You can also decorate the New Year's table very nicely edible snow. To do this, you just have to be smart and resourceful. On sweet dishes in the role artificial snow Icing sugar can occur. Decorate the slices and salads can be boiled egg whites, rubbed on a fine grater. Whipped cream is also very similar to snow and can decorate the New Year's table on fruit salads, for example.

Fig. 5 Edible snow made from powdered sugar

7. Artificial frost

With the help of a simple technique, you can very beautifully decorate any room in the style of a frozen room. For this you need beautiful branches of different sizes and coarse salt.

Using all of the above creation methods artificial snowYou can turn your home into a real snow kingdom. Children and guests will appreciate the atmosphere you have created for your beloved vacation.

Snow Soft, fluffy, tender, fresh, tangy, captivating and seductive. Merry Science suggests making snow with your own hands today. Make snow at home. Snow trials and experiments are sure to appeal to children. A snow fairy tale is waiting for you. Welcome friends.

DIY sparkling snow

Ready for fluffy, cold and very soft snow? The ingredients are simple and affordable. No dangerous ingredients. The recipe is simple. To make snow with your own hands, you need to carefully mix the following components with each other:

  • corn starch
  • shaving cream
  • peppermint extract (optional),
  • sparkles.

DIY plasticine

Unexpected combination, I agree. If you want to sculpt with a mass of snow, write down the recipe: such an experience will undoubtedly be fun for a child, it will be useful for training motor skills and developing tactile sensations. The magic of this mass for sculpting is the usual ingredients and the shimmering sheen. Making snow doesn't have to take long. Take:

  • 2 cups of baking powder
  • 1 cup of cornstarch
  • 1 cup of cold water
  • a few drops of mint extract,
  • sparkles.

Combine all the ingredients in the recipe, with the exception of the bills, in a large saucepan. Let simmer until the ingredients start to bubble and the liquid takes on a thick consistency. Prepare the mashed potatoes, stirring constantly. Take the pan off the stove. Pour the mixture into a deep cup, let it cool and cover with a towel. After cooling, add rainbow shades and knead in clay. How much time to knead? Until you achieve the desired shine, suppleness and plasticity. So that the snow clay can easily cool the children's handles - store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

We make snow paints ourselves

Can you paint with snow? Naturally. But first you need to do snow paints. We do that now. We have prepared for this task in advance. In the evening they put the shaving cream in the refrigerator and in the morning they sent the same glue (for 10 minutes) there. When everything was ready, they started experimenting.

In a deep cup, equal parts mixed foam for shaving and gluing. They added Sparkles + a few drops of peppermint (to add a touch of freshness) and mixed everything thoroughly. As you may have noticed, the recipe is simple. And what wonderful drawings are received. Try it! Your child will love this fun! See even more homemade and safe color recipes.

Make "silk snow" with the child at home

When there is no way to play with the snow outside in winter. Or there is no snow and you miss it. Ask your parents to set up a snow fairy tale at home. And now I will tell you the recipe for silk snow:

  • frozen white soap bars of any brand,
  • cheese grater
  • sparkles.

At night we send a few bars of soap into the freezer. Take one piece at a time and start rubbing the soap on the grater. The final step in this short process is adding rainbow shine and peppermint extract. Your own home snow is ready. It's time to sculpt a snowman.

Snow dough - a great recipe for home cooking

At the heart of this recipe are just two simple ingredients:

  • 450 g corn starch
  • 250 ml of a cosmetic body lotion.

Friends, to make snowy batter, just mix these ingredients together and that's it. Adjust the density of the mass as you wish. A little tip: you can reward the dough with pleasant coolness and extra softness if you cool the ingredients before mixing. Do you want the dough to hold longer? Put it in a sealed bag and refrigerate. When the dough becomes dry, mix it with hands moistened in lotion.

Liquid snow - we cook at home with the child

I remind you that today we are making snow at home with our children. Therefore, most of the ingredients must be refrigerated or frozen before starting the experiment. So we take out the starch and add a little ice water until the consistency is not too runny.

Friends, if you've never made non-Newtonian fluids, a magical surprise awaits you. Be vigilant, with active interaction, the mass not only becomes more solid, but also more viscous and spreads at rest.

But that's not all. We have put together for you the most comprehensive selection of snow recipes that you can prepare with your child at home.

Shaving foam artificial snow, a simple recipe for home cooking

Squeezing shaving cream into a basin is a fascinating activity in itself. Leave this stage to the child, they will be very happy. Empty foam spray? Great, it's time to gradually add soda (1 pack). At the final stage - add sparkles. Artificial snow is ready and you can make figures from it. Cold homemade snow feels comfortable when pre-chilled in the refrigerator. Have fun experimenting.

"Fragrant soft snowball" for entertaining children

In previous recipes we added peppermint extract. The smell of freshness is amazing. But if you prefer other flavors, you will surely like the following recipe:

  • 2 cups of flour
  • ¼ cups of baby oil.

The recipe is simple, and the snow is tender (ideal for children with sensitive skin), with a pleasant aroma. You will need a whisk for thorough kneading.

Important! The presence of oil in the recipe makes it difficult to clean after the game.

Next up is another recipe for unusual snow. If you are not tired yet then we will continue.

Make artificial snow out of a baby diaper

On this planet you will find out what progress science has made by leaps and bounds. Today we will tell you how to make snow out of diapers at home. Well the ingredients of this recipe are simple too:

  • baby diaper
  • water
  • fridge
  • good mood (this, by the way, is an essential ingredient in all recipes).

What parents and teachers fail to do to bring joy and pleasure to the child and to arouse an interest in science. After all, we all understand that science is fun. The main thing is to find the right angle to show the child all the beauty of what awaits tomorrow.

Today I suggest that you take out the baby diaper and extract sodium polyacrylate from it. Important NOTE! Transfer the entire mass to a deep cup and gradually pour in small portions of water - continuously! Violations of technology and snow will turn out to be too wet. Now it's time to add realism to our project and send the resulting snow to the fridge.

Dear scientists, are you not tired of experiments yet? Jolly Science has prepared more fun instructions for making snow at home for you. It doesn't matter if the new year comes tomorrow or in six months. Such entertainment is relevant at any time of the year. The main thing is the desire and availability of the required components at hand.

Does your home have soap and toilet paper? If so, I suggest making snow out of these elements.

We make foam snow with children

Do you like the idea of ​​wiping the whole house down before a magical vacation? Prepare some PVA glue and grease the surface you want to decorate with a grout. Now start making snow. Working with gloves will be especially appealing to children and this can be an amazing experience. It is necessary to grind polyethylene or polystyrene on a grater. As a basis, you can use packaging material for equipment, insoles for shoes or styrofoam. Add sparkles to this airy mix and enjoy the decorating process.

We make decor, prepare frost from salt

I continue the theme of decoration and suggest making frost. To do this, you need to make a base-concentrated saline solution. We take the pan, pour a small amount of water into it and put it on low heat. Add salt to the pan until it doesn't dissolve anymore. Dip the branches of spruce, pine, or any other plant in a hot solution and let it sit for a while. And now science begins to work. The process of crystal formation begins, which happens much faster in warm water! Drain the water and let the plants dry for 4-5 hours. That's all, you get frost-covered branches. Further setup at your own discretion. Submit photos of your work in a comment on this article. What innovation can you do in a recipe?

Artificial snow for the "snow globe"

The glass ball is a fascinating children's toy. You can add ordinary bills to such a ball. But then the experiment won't work. To do this, we take a white paraffin candle, we rub on a fine grater. Everything, the snow is ready. And to create a “snow globe” we need a ball, water, glycerine and artificial snowflakes. You can add flickering accents with sparkles. We hermetically seal the container, and with shaking, the snowball gradually sinks to the bottom.

PVA snow and strength

We take and carefully mix the initial components with each other:

  • 2 tablespoons of starch,
  • 2 tablespoons of PVA,
  • 2 tablespoons of silver paint.

Congratulations! You just got great snow for handicraft volumetric decoration for nursery or home decoration.

Cook a snow-like mass

Initial Components:

  • fine quartz / semolina sand or polystyrene shavings,
  • white acrylic
  • thick PVA glue,
  • sparkles.

When everything you need is ready, move on to the cooking process. Follow the instructions and steps:

  1. Pour 250 g (faceted glass) of the material of your choice into a deep plate.
  2. In this bulk we gradually put white acrylic paint. Our job is to make sure that the loose particles stick together but don't float in the manure.
  3. Now it's time to add thick (this is important) PVA glue. We strive for elasticity and ductility. Gradually add PVA.
  4. And the last, very important touch - sparkles. Mix our artificial snow thoroughly and ... everything !!!

Sugar snow

This recipe is suitable for decorating children's holidays (and not only). Before pouring juice, compote or cocktail into a glass, do a simple manipulation. Dip the edges of the glass in water or syrup. Made? Now you need to dip the wet edges in sugar. The most convenient way to do this is on a tray. Here you can quickly and easily make festive, snow-covered glasses.

Salty "snow" for meat

Young cooks can invaluably help adults and prepare the decoration of the New Year's table - meat.

For this recipe we need:

  • a pinch of salt;
  • protein;
  • the mixer.

In a deep cup you need to put egg white and a pinch of salt. Now turn on the mixer and beat our liquid mass into a cool foam. What's next you ask

We take meat, for example chicken, and put this improvised snow on it. Made? Great time to send the meat to the oven. The result of our culinary experience is a delicious and festive dish: chicken in a snowdrift!

These are the recipes to create a magical snow atmosphere at home that Jolly Science has prepared for you. Write in the comments about the progress of your experiments. Submit your photos. Present your masterpieces to the scientific world. Tell us about all stages of your preparation for the New Year. But remember, if you want winter in summer, open this page and make snow. In summer! In your own kitchen with the kids! It will be a lot of fun!

We could have missed something in this collection. So if you have your own recipe for making artificial snow and you want to tell everyone about it, we are waiting for your letter. We would be happy to publish your New Year's experiments.

DIY snow-covered branches ...

When the New Year is just around the corner and the mood is already festive, we make every effort to decorate the entire apartment, no matter which corner. However, you cannot put a Christmas tree in all rooms, you want to feel the holiday everywhere. In this case, bouquets of flowers made from snow-covered branches will help perfectly. Of course, the snow and hoarfrost on them isn't real, but it looks impressive. There are several ways to create such a bouquet. After you've spent a little time getting your imagination started, create a unique New Year's design for your apartment.

Hoar frost from salt.

Any branches are suitable to create such a bouquet. It can be spruce or pine branches, willow branches, willows, or any shrub. Hardwood branches can be taken fresh or dry. To make the solution, take 2 parts of salt and 1 part of water. The water must be hot, otherwise the salt will not dissolve. The collected twigs should be soaked in the prepared solution for at least 24 hours. It is desirable that the branches do not touch in the solution. In a day, salt crystallizes, and if you carefully remove the branches, you can get wonderful snow compositions. Add to this bouquet a few simple twigs (without salt) or dried physalis shoots with lanterns. This focuses more on frost. You can also create frost on the cones.

Out of paper.

With cut paper, you can make a beautiful snow-covered bouquet. You need white or light blue paper (e.g. paper napkins) and thin foil (Christmas tree tinsel). All of this paper "collection" must be disassembled into pieces of the selected shape. You can cut circles with a hole punch, or make small cuts, thin strips, or whatever shapes you want. Mix the paper in a dry and sufficiently large container. Carefully dip the collected twigs in glue (cleric or PVA) and sprinkle them with the prepared hoarfrost. Let the frost dry and your snowy bouquet is ready!

Foam snow.

Rub the styrofoam on a coarse grater. It is advisable to work in a small room, as styrofoam tends to crumble everywhere and sticks terribly (magnetically) to hands and things nearby. Pour the grated balls into the box. Dip the prepared beautiful branches in glue and immediately sprinkle them with styrofoam foam. Such snow holds onto branches very well.

Frost from powdered sugar.

Hoar frost can be produced not only on branches, but also on fruits. And why not a Christmas bouquet with a frosted apple or a tangerine in the snow? Well washed and dried fruits must be coated with fresh egg white and sprinkled with sugar or powdered sugar without wasting time. To the fruits, add a few sprigs of spruce, dry leaves of maple or holly and your bouquet is ready!

Snow from the spray can.

The easiest and most time-consuming is to decorate with artificial frost or snow from a spray can. Matt, glossy, crumbly, coarse or fine - you can choose what you like best. Simply spray this miracle from the spray can onto the prepared bouquet and it will sparkle and bring the very frosty mood into the house!