Is there an unhealthy fruit or vegetable?

Top 3 healthiest vegetables

1. Paprika

This colorful nightshade plant is a real weight loss vegetable! The peppers - whether green, yellow, orange or red - not only contain more vitamin C than oranges or lemons, they also contain small amounts of nicotine. But don't worry: nicotine contained in food has no negative, but positive effects on your health! It curbs the appetite and attacks fat stores by stimulating beta fat oxidation. How to get rid of stubborn belly fat!

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2. Kale

One of the healthiest vegetables in the world is actually kale. Owns no other vegetable so many nutrients - and so few calories - like him. With the exception of other dark green leafy vegetables. They belong to the nationwide due to their high content Vitamins C and K, as Beta-carotene, calcium and more B vitamins. Folic acid (Vitamin B9) is essential for the fetus, especially during pregnancy, and dark green leafy vegetables are the best source for it! In addition, kale, leaf cabbage, rocket & Co. are natural Fat blockers: The included Thylakoids deactivate the fat-splitting lipase in the intestine, which means that less fat is absorbed.

Important: Spinach, Swiss chard and beetroot greens should not be consumed in huge amounts every day, as they are Oxalate contain. This binds minerals and can Kidney stones lead - but moderate enjoyment is harmless!

Such fascinating and equally practical information can be found, for example, in the nutrition guide "How Not to Diet" by doctor and bestselling author Dr. Michael Greger or in the German compulsory reading on nutrition "The Nutrition Compass" by Bas Kast.

3. Broccoli

Of course, broccoli shouldn't be missing from the list of the healthiest vegetables. From childhood we learn how healthy broccoli is supposed to be, and the facts speak for themselves. Besides being high in water and only 30 calories per 100 grams, the cruciferous vegetables are crammed with minerals and vitamins. Broccoli contains potassium, calcium and zinc as well as beta-carotene and even more vitamin C than lemons!

However, broccoli's greatest asset is that Sulforaphane. This secondary plant substance is a so-called mustard oil glycoside, which strong antioxidant works and is currently being researched as an anticancer agent. Sulforaphane has already been shown to be an active ingredient against particularly aggressive tumor cells in laboratory tests with mice. In addition, a first experiment with human Pancreatic cancer patient already positive effects of highly concentrated broccoli capsules. The broccoli group had a lower death rate than the placebo group. More studies are needed to confirm a statistically significant effect, but the initial results are promising.

Tip: Since sulforaphane is lost when heated, it is best to steam broccoli only briefly. Large amounts of sulforaphane also pass into the cooking water, which is why it is particularly valuable as a sauce base or as a broccoli soup.

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Recipes with the healthiest fruits and vegetables

So that you can incorporate the healthiest foods directly into your daily diet, we have here for you our tastiest recipes with the healthiest fruits and vegetables.