Loyalty is a virtue


loyalty means loyalty and reliability. You can show loyalty to your partner, your company, your country, your club. Loyalty also means putting aside one's own interests for the good of another. Sometimes even truthfulness has to suffer a little in order to be able to practice loyalty. But you have to be careful that loyalty does not lead to unethical behavior.

Loyalty - a virtue. What is loyalty? Where does the word come from? What is loyalty good for? What are their limits? How can you cultivate it? What is the opposite of loyalty?

Loyalty as a Helpful Virtue

Excerpt from a lecture by Sukadev Bretz

Loyalty is also part of the Saturn principle. Saturn is the principle of limitation, he is the guardian of the threshold. Saturn also means putting aside your own interests in the interests of a greater whole. Saturn also means not simply following emotions. Saturn also means to limit oneself for the good of a greater cause.

It is not for nothing that Saturn is considered the guardian of the threshold in both Indian and Greek astrology. And one of the many qualities of Saturn is loyalty; another would be integrity. And that also means that loyalty also has limits. To be loyal is insofar as it is ethical.

What does loyalty mean now? Loyalty means, for the good of another, or for a cause, to put aside something of your own interests, to be there for someone else or for a cause, and above all to be careful not to speak badly about something or others.

Specifically, - you probably know, I only speak what you already know. Loyalty to the partner means, for example, not speaking badly about the partner and also means what he has told you that you will keep it to yourself, very clearly.

Loyalty to your parents, too, means not to publicly badmouth them, even if you were upset about them. Loyalty can also mean to your siblings, there is also a certain loyalty there. Loyalty can also mean to your employer, if you have a certain employer, then there are even certain obligations under labor law.

If you speak badly about your employer and in a public form, then that is even a reason for resignation. So loyalty even has legal meanings. But it goes beyond that, if you get something from someone, then you should be loyal to them.

Of course, if you find that integrity requires you to be no longer loyal, then integrity is more important than loyalty. Or assuming you are a party member, then it is also assumed that you are there for the good of the party.

Assuming you are a member of a club, then it also applies that you have a certain loyalty to the club. So, don't just follow the emotions, don't just blurt out details, etc. So loyalty is also important on the spiritual path, it is also an aspect of self-control, it is also something that makes interpersonal relationships possible.

Loyalty is also something that is important in a spiritual context as well. If you are part of a spiritual community, that also means having a certain loyalty. And that too can mean not speaking badly, not divulging secrets, etc.

But here too, loyalty has its limits when it comes to integrity and ethics. When you know something unethical is happening, the need for ethics and integrity outweighs the need for loyalty.

Each of the virtues reaches its limits, each virtue that is taken too far is something that becomes a vice, becomes a vice. So you can think for yourself, in your own life, - are you someone who has sufficient loyalty, or are you someone who lets himself be guided too much by emotions, who quickly blurts everything out and who loves to pull on others and be bad somewhere to speak.

Develop this ability for loyalty, but make sure that the opposite pole of loyalty is also observed, namely integrity. It is not for nothing that loyalty and integrity are both part of the Saturn principle.

Loyalty and other virtues

This Yoga Wiki describes over 1000 virtues and spiritual qualities. Here are some explanations of how one can see the quality of loyalty in relation to other virtues and spiritual qualities, as well as in relation to vices:

Similar traits to loyalty

Properties similar to loyalty, i.e. synonyms for loyalty are e.g. loyalty, honesty, sense of duty, constancy, devotion.

Balancing properties

Any quality, any virtue that is exaggerated becomes a vice, a vice, an unhelpful quality. Excessive loyalty can degenerate into partiality, corruption, for example. Therefore, loyalty as the opposite pole needs the cultivation of justice, a sense of justice, neutrality, incorruptibility.

Opposite of loyalty

There is an opposite to every property. Here are possibilities for opposite of loyalty, antonym to loyalty:

  • Positive opposites of loyalty, one could also call these opposite poles: justice, sense of justice, neutrality, incorruptibility
  • Negative opposites of loyalty, i.e. vice, negative qualities, are e.g. infidelity, betrayal, fraud, gossip

Loyalty in the context of virtue groups, personality factors and temperaments

Develop loyalty

Loyalty can be seen as a virtue, a positive quality. Maybe you want to let loyalty grow stronger in you. Here are a few tips:

  • Make a resolution to cultivate this quality of loyalty for a week. You cannot develop several virtues at once. But it is possible to grow a virtue, a quality, every week.
  • Make up your mind, "During the next week, I want to grow the virtue, the quality of cultivating loyalty, growing stronger. I look forward to being a more loyal person in a week."
  • Make a goal of doing at least one action each day that shows loyalty. Do something every day that you would not otherwise do but that expresses that virtue.
  • When you wake up in the morning, say an affirmation such as, "I'm developing loyalty." You can find more options for affirmations below.
  • During the day, repeat such an affirmation over and over again:
  • I am loyal.

Affirmations on the subject of loyalty

There are different ways of creating affirmations for more loyalty. You can find out more about this under the heading "Affirmation" and "Miracle Affirmations".

Classic autosuggestion for loyalty

Here is the classic autosuggestion:

In yoga, this is often combined with a mantra. Because a mantra makes the affirmation stronger:

  • I am loyal. Om Om Om.
  • I'm a loyal, a loyal

Developmental affirmation for loyalty

Some people feel like hypocrites or hypocrites when they say "I am loyal" - and they are not at all. Then a development-related affirmation helps:

  • I develop loyalty.
  • I become loyal.
  • I get more loyal every day.
  • By the grace of God, I develop more loyalty every day.

Thank you affirmation for loyalty

  • I thank you for getting more loyal every day.

Miracle affirmations loyalty

You can also try the following affirmations, which Sukadev Volker Bretz calls miracle affirmations:

  • So far, I'm not very loyal. And that is quite understandable, I have good reasons for it. But soon I will develop loyalty. Every day this virtue will grow stronger in me.
  • I look forward to being very loyal soon.
  • I am someone who is loyal.

Prayer for loyalty

Prayer is also a powerful means of cultivating a virtue. Here are a few ways you can pray for loyalty:

  • Dear god, please give me more loyalty.
  • Oh god i adore you I ask that I become a loyal person.
  • Dear Divine Mother, I thank you. I thank you for expressing the virtue of loyalty more and more every day.

What would I have to do to develop loyalty?

You can also ask yourself:

  • What would I have to do to develop loyalty?
  • How could I get loyal?
  • Dear God, please show me the way to more loyalty.
  • Assuming I want to be loyal how would I do that?
  • Assuming I was loyal, how would that make itself felt?
  • Assuming a miracle happened and I cultivated loyalty tomorrow, what would have changed? How would i feel How would i think How would i act As a loyal person, how would I react, communicate with others?

Lecture recording on loyalty - audio to listen to

Here you can listen to a lecture by Sukadev Bretz, founder of Yoga Vidya. This talk is the audio version of a video on Loyalty, part of the Yoga Vidya Multimedia Lexicon of Virtues.

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