Is TikTok safe for children

Parental controls: TikTok

Installation and device settings

TikTok is an app that can be used to upload videos. The function as a social network is also increasingly in the foreground. The app is available for the iOS and Android operating systems, but all approved content can also be viewed on the TikTok website. In principle, TikTok is free, but in-app purchases are quite possible. Children should be made aware of this and agreements should be made.

A user account must be set up at TikTok. To do this, the app can be linked to an existing account - such as Google, Facebook or Instagram - or an email address or telephone number can be entered. The contact list, i.e. the phone book, is read out on the smartphone. With regard to data protection, this is definitely questionable.

In the standard settings, the account is public and should be set to "private". You can also make these settings. In the case of children, for example, only friends should be allowed to comment on the videos:

Parental controls: the app in "companion mode"

For some time now, TikTok has had a control mode for parents. Parents must also install the TikTok app on their smartphone and set the so-called "accompanying mode". It works like this: