What is the difference between Facebook and Tumblr

Tumblr and Instagram - differences and similarities

Instagram or Tumblr? What are the differences and similarities and which blog type is suitable for your project? We introduce you to the two blog providers.

Instagram: The photo network for your smartphone

Photos are the focus on Instagram. In contrast to Flickr, where mainly professional photographers hang around, everyone is welcome on Instagram and can publish their snapshots.

  • Instagram is simple and allows you to take fantastic photos thanks to great filter functions. As usual for a social network, other users can "like" your photos and leave comments.
  • You can also use hashtags to search for photos from other users on a specific topic. Whether everyday situations, funny incidents or impressive views - there is a place for every photo on Instagram.
  • Since an update in 2013, short videos can also be posted on Instagram. This function is very reminiscent of the Vine app, as you can string together many short video clips on Instagram.

Tumblr: blogging platform for images, videos, text and sound

Tumblr is a blogging platform where you can post photos, videos, quotes, audio files, chat logs and much more.

  • In contrast to other blogging providers - such as Wordpress - Tumblr is about posting interesting content as quickly as possible. Long texts are more suitable for blogspot or Wordpress.
  • Many Tumblr blogs are limited to photos only, which is why it sometimes seems to outsiders that Instagram is a pure photo platform.
  • However, since Tumblr is primarily a blogging platform, you will not find a filter function for photos here like on Instagram.
  • Instead, there is what is known as relogging: If you come across interesting content from other Tumblr blogs, you can also use the relog button to publish this content on your blog - with a reference to the source, of course.
  • In this way, and in conjunction with tags, it can happen that your posts gain popularity in no time and go around the world. As with Instagram, it is also possible to "like" or comment on posts on Tumblr. You can also subscribe to blogs and you will always be provided with the latest entries on the start page.

Tip: For longer texts, see the article Blogspot - the three best alternatives for an informative blog comparison.