What is empirical knowledge



The educational adjective empirically means “from experience” or “based on observation”.

In the empirical research can empirical observations form the basis for new hypotheses and theories. Furthermore, hypotheses and theories with systematic empirical observations to be checked.

More synonyms too empirically are therefore also "based on experience" and "tried and tested".

The term has its origin in ancient Greek empeirikós (experienced, knowledgeable).


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[ɛmˈpiːʁɪʃ]

Usage examples

The fact that the population in industrialized countries is becoming more and more overweight does not just show empirical Findings, but can also be seen with the naked eye.

Studies that are inadequate empirically are occupied, it is better to question them critically.

This debate is mainly about very subjective feelings about which topics are supposedly suppressed by the media. With empirically According to Haarkötter, this has nothing to do with documented scientific work.
- What the world didn't talk about in 2015, 02/17/16, time online

Grammar and inflection


empiricallymore empiricalmost empirical

Strong declination

Masculinemore empiricalempiricalempiricalempirical
Feminineempiricalmore empiricalmore empiricalempirical
Pluralempiricalmore empiricalempiricalempirical

Weak declination

Masculinethe empiricalof the empiricalthe empiricalthe empirical
Femininethe empiricalthe empiricalthe empiricalthe empirical
neuterthe empiricalof the empiricalthe empiricalthe empirical
Pluralthe empiricalthe empiricalthe empiricalthe empirical

Mixed declension

Masculinenot an empirical onenone empiricalnot an empirical onenot empirical
Feminineno empiricalnone empiricalnone empiricalno empirical
neuternot an empirical onenone empiricalnot an empirical onenot an empirical one
Pluralno empiricalnone empiricalno empiricalno empirical

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