What are Quoran's reasons for answering questions

The answer to the atheist question: "Can Allah create a rock that He cannot lift up?"

Praise be to Allah ..

Such questions are very misleading. Many atheists try to use this in their discussions with Muslims to get the respondent to give one of two answers. When he says, “He can't,” then they say, “How can He be a God if He can't create something?” And when he says, “He can,” then they say, “How should He be a god if he can't lift this rock? "

The answer to that is:

This question is fundamentally wrong. Because the power of Allah - he is exalted - is not connected with impossible things. How is he supposed to be a god if he cannot lift up “their rock”, when power belongs to Allah's - exalted is he - attributes? And do the creatures have attributes that are more powerful than the attributes of their Creator?

Prof. Sa'd Rustam responded to the question in a scientifically solid manner that we quote here. He said:
“The power of Allah, which is undoubtedly absolute and not limited, is related only to rationally possible things and not to rationally impossible things. Because no matter how absolute and limitless this power is, it remains within the things that are possible in existence and has no connection to impossible things. But we don't limit them with that! To make this point clear, we give a few examples:

We ask all these bishops and Christian theologians the question: Can Allah - exalted is He - create another God like Him? When they say “yes” we say to them, “How can this creature be a god even though it was created? And how can it be like Allah, although it has arisen while Allah is eternal, without beginning? ”In truth, the statement of the“ creation of a god ”is sophistry and contradicts itself rationally, because only because something was created , it's still not a god. So our question is synonymous with our question whether Allah - exalted is He - can create an "other God". Of course, the answer should be that Allah's power is not connected with it, because whether something is a god or not is rationally contradicting itself and its existence is impossible, whereas Allah's power is not connected with the impossible things.

Another example: We also ask whether Allah - exalted is He - can really expel someone from His sphere of influence?

If you answer in the affirmative, then you have Allaah - exalted is He - limited influence on His sphere of influence. And if they deny it, which is right, they agree with us that Allah's power is absolute and not related to impossible things. Because it is intellectually (from the point of view of rationality) impossible that any creature leaves the sphere of power and influence of its creator.

A third example: once an atheist asked me: “Can your Lord create a mighty rock that is so big in size that even He cannot move it?” And he mockingly adds: “If you say yes, then have you confirmed that your Lord is unable to move a rock, and that is proof that He is not a god. And if you say no and say that He cannot, then you have recognized that He is incapable of anything. Hence He is not a god. "

I then replied to this atheist very simply, “Yes, it is not part of the power of Allah to create a rock that He cannot move. Because Allah can move everything that He creates. But the fact that it is not possible to combine the power of Allah - exalted is He - with the creation of such a rock is no proof of His inability. But on the contrary. It is a testament to His perfect power, for your question is like asking someone, "Can Allah - Exalted Is - be incapable of doing something reasonably possible?" Of course, a negative answer does not teach that Allah's power is limited, rather it teaches the perfection of His-risen is He-power. Because the non-existence of inability is power itself and not an inability! It is just like when we say that Allah cannot be ignorant or forget something. In this statement of ours we do not confirm an inability in Him - exalted is He - or a lack, rather we confirm His - exalted is He - perfection and His all-embracing power and knowledge. "

From "The four Gospels and the letters of Paul and John deny the divinity of Christ" as denied by the Quran "by Prof. Sad Rustam.

And Allah knows best.