How can you prevent mental deterioration

Stay alive! - Prevent suicides

Nobody takes their own life without need. Behind every suicide and every suicide attempt there is an acute, severe emotional crisis and / or mental illness. The possible triggers are diverse: death of a loved one, end of a relationship, serious illness, loss of job, financial problems, confrontation with one's own sexual orientation or identity, loneliness, experience of bullying or violence and much more. Alcohol and drug consumption can lower the inhibition threshold. A family history of suicides increases the risk of suicide during a crisis.

Older people and people with mental illnesses such as depression, addiction disorders, personality disorders or psychoses are particularly at risk of suicide.

Many people with suicidal intentions feel a conflict within themselves. You do not want to under any circumstances so live on. You are hopeless and desperate. Dying seems like a way out.

Some people develop suicidal thoughts in a crisis situation. Suicide attempts, which are of great communicative importance and must be understood as a cry for help, can also occur, especially among young people and women. It is tragic that the attempt is often not taken seriously by the environment or is presented as an action to get attention. However, it is precisely this that can lead to another suicide attempt being carried out, which may then be successful.