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Online Marketing Skills - What does a marketer have to be able to do?

The 20 most popular online marketing skills

What does an online marketer currently need to know? has evaluated 100 job advertisements in the field of online marketing and determined what employers are really looking for. And it has been shown that the applicant's training is not decisive. In online marketing what counts is what a candidate can really do. We have put together the 20 most popular skills for you.

Even an online marketer cannot avoid it, by far the first place (48%) of the most desired skills is the routine use of MS Office. However, second place is already occupied by a job-specific requirement: 41% of employers who advertise expect competence in the area of ​​SEA / SEM or Google Adwords. Skills in the field of web analysis, including Google Analytics, tracking and monitoring, follow just behind with 29%.

SEO skills (27%), experience in campaign and project management (27%), dealing with content management systems (26%), social media affinity (26%), an understanding of web technologies (26%) are still in high demand %) and interest in digital media (23%). Knowledge of HTML is desired in every fifth advertisement, but knowledge of CSS is only requested in 8 out of 100 advertisements.

Education: almost irrelevant

The desired training paths are diverse. (Online) marketing courses or courses with an (online) marketing focus are particularly popular (36%).

Business studies with a focus on marketing (27%) or without (29%) as well as media studies (23%) and communication studies (19%) are also popular with employers.

In 30% of the job advertisements more than one possible field of study is listed and in 10% of the advertisements a degree is expected but no specific field of study is expected. 15% of the advertisements do not provide any information about training. And in 72% of the cases, comparable qualifications are also accepted.

Formal training paths are therefore less relevant for online marketers than their actual skills. And ideally, this has already been tried out in a previous employment relationship. Accordingly, 88% demand professional experience, 12% did not provide any information.

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Wanted: communicative and team-minded analysts

When it comes to the applicants' personal characteristics, the company's wish list is long and very individual. However, three personality traits are mentioned above average and appear in more than half of the advertisements examined. The most frequently mentioned characteristics and soft skills are analytical thinking skills (57%), communication skills (52%) and teamwork skills (50%).

Joker language skills

Around 6 out of 10 employers are looking for applicants with a good or very good level of English. German language skills are explicitly required in 32% of the advertisements.

The command of other languages ​​such as French (5%) or Swiss German (1%) can occasionally become a personal joker.

But it also works without it: 38 of the 100 online marketing advertisements examined do not require any foreign language skills.

For examination examined 100 randomly selected job advertisements (database Monster and indeed) from different companies with the title “Online Marketing” in their title (excluding internships or working student positions). The survey took place in May 2015.