Why do people become foster parents

Become foster parents

The path to foster parenthood can be very different. It is often planned and prepared for a long time, in other cases the decision is made spontaneously from a special situation:

If it turns out that a child needs family care, the child and youth welfare service will first ask in the child's environment whether there are relatives, neighbors, friends or other people who know the child, have come to love the child and participate in their life to take. So it can be that you become a foster family unplanned. More on this...

Familiar people who are already close to a child are not always available. In these cases, the care is taken over by people who have made a conscious decision for a long time that there is still room in their family for a child they do not yet know. More on this...

Above all, a foster child needs security, understanding, affection and patience from his foster parents. A safe haven is an important basis for a child to develop well. Nobody expects foster parents to be perfect. However, certain questions should be asked in advance, e.g.

  • Am I resilient?
  • Open to new?
  • Is my way of life tailored to children? Do I have experience in parenting?
  • Am I financially secure?
  • Am I ready to treat my family of origin with respect?
  • Is the whole family behind this new challenge? Can we also endure turbulent times?
  • Do we have a harmonious, warm-hearted, tolerant family atmosphere?
  • Are we ready for the (possibly short-term) admission of a child for an indefinite period of time?

Basically, you can become a married couple or a partner (also in a same-sex relationship) or as a single foster mother or foster father.