How do plates move

Crazy video just a fake? Raw meat suddenly dances off the plate

This piece of meat is slowly but surely becoming an internet hit! The 34-second video of a piece of raw meat that flies off the plate by itself has already been viewed 17 million times. What's behind it?

You can't believe your eyes: Actually, the starting position is relatively unspectacular, a pink piece of raw meat lies on a plate. But then it moves and after several thrusts it even falls to the floor.

The shock of a woman who lets her emotions run free in the background of the video is also unmistakable - she first screams loudly and then has to laugh a little. But it is also just beyond belief!

But what is behind the video? Is that really real? One theory that keeps coming up in the comment section is that the piece of meat was slaughtered all fresh. Then the nerves in the muscles can still work and cause uncontrolled movements.

Many users, on the other hand, assume that it is a fake or deal with the video in a humorous way. "Somebody woke up again after all," writes a user. Others just leave it to: "What the hell?" - and that's probably the most appropriate response.