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Floor wiper comparison 2021

3. Does the best floor mop have properties that suit your space and needs?

Are mop robots the future?

The technology of automatic lawn mowing or vacuum cleaning by means of mowing or vacuum robots does not, of course, stop at mopping, although the technological development of mopping robots leaves something to be desired.

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Various wiper tests have shown that the brand, but the nature of the floor wiper should ultimately be decisive. Because a living situation in a large single-family house including basement, attic, garden and garage cannot be compared with a 50 m² apartment with much smaller rooms. However, large areas do not always mean that it has to be a professional floor mop. But let's go through the individual components of the floor mop at this point, step by step, so that you can make the right choice in the end.

3.1. How long should the stem length be in meters?

At this point, we advise you to look specifically for models with a telescopic handle. Because this gives you the convenience of being able to adjust the length of the handle at any time. For example, if you want to mop a basement where the ceiling height does not match the normal room height, simply shrink the handle and continue working as comfortably as possible.

If, on the other hand, you want to at least roughly clean a hard-to-reach window, simply lengthen the stem until you reach the plastered surface. You should also think about how you can flexibly involve the whole family in the housework. With a telescopic handle, the floor wipers can be adjusted to the body sizes of father, mother and children with just one movement.

We therefore recommend that you do not commit yourself to a certain stem length, but prefer the flexibility.

3.2. A swivel joint increases the handiness of the floor mop

A practical telescopic handle and a washable cover make your work easier.

A floor mop with a swivel joint is a model that is expressly not a mop with a permanently mounted mop head. Make sure to choose models with a swivel joint, because this way you can reach even tricky corners without much effort. A wall-hung toilet can be moved under by a slight turn of the handle, while you can effortlessly ensure hygiene under every sofa and armchair.

In the case of variants without a swivel joint, you will find it difficult to reach these areas, which permanently creates additional work for the housework. Floor wiper tests have also shown that there are hardly any models on the market without a swivel joint. With particularly cheap floor mops from discounters such as Aldi or Lidl, you can often get bargains that are also of good quality in terms of equipment. With offers on the Internet, however, you should pay close attention to the properties of the individual floor mop.

3.3. Choose the width of the mop head and covers wisely

Basically, with the width of the mop head in cm, you can assume that you will generally effectively clean a larger area in a short time with large and wide models. Nevertheless, choose your new floor mop wisely, because a very long and wide mop head is often heavier, which in turn can have an adverse effect on handiness. The larger cover also absorbs more water and, as a result, more weight, which can also be impractical.

You should therefore adapt the size of the mop head to your premises: According to practical tests of floor wipers, models with a width of 30 to 40 cm are particularly suitable. When it comes to covers, you should ideally be able to choose between different variants. Because tiled floors and joints often require a somewhat coarser material form than, for example, a parquet floor, which can often only be freed from dirt when it is only slightly damp. It also helps when cleaning the covers if they can be cleaned regularly in the washing machine. If the cover is machine washable, this will make your work much easier.

3.4. The additional functions should correspond to the type of floor mop

Spin function or wringing device - find your floor cleaning system with us!

If you have chosen a mop with a fixed mop head with tassels, you should by no means do without a so-called wring device. This is conveniently placed directly on the cleaning bucket, so that the wet tassels can be rinsed out in it. Practical spinning functions, which can remove dirt and moisture from the wiper even more effectively, are particularly efficient. This technology is particularly recommended if you only want to clean the floors with a low level of moisture. But watch out: Most brands specifically rely on systems that only work within their own brand world.

You should therefore clarify all of the points mentioned for yourself in advance and only then make the decision in favor of a Leifheit floor mop, a Hara floor mop, a Swiffer floor mop or a Vileda floor mop. A Leifheit floor mop or a Leifheit mop often work via a centrifugal system. But not only the Leifheit wiper, also Vileda floor wipers and other manufacturers offer sophisticated wringing and spinning solutions.

The floor wiper with a sponge is also particularly practical: The devices work with a spray function and a floor wiper sponge, where only the required amount of moisture is applied directly to the floor at certain points.

4. How do you choose the right floor mop from the floor mop test?

4.1. A good floor mop combines several properties

If you are not looking for a professional floor wiper for very large areas, you should choose between a model with or without a spray function. The properties of both types of floor wipers shows our direct floor wiper comparison:

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propertyFloor wiper spray functionFloor wiper wringing / spinning function
Mop bucket with water requiredNoYes
handy & lightverypartially
Telescopic handleRareoften

Make your final decision dependent on whether you only want to clean small areas with very smooth floors, or whether you want to keep varied surfaces clean in numerous rooms. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages here.

4.2. Cleaning with the floor wiper is easier by hand

If you are thinking of simply taking a large rag and wrapping it around the end of a broom, we'll put it here again the pros and cons of a spray mop to the heart:

  • no bucket of cleaning water required
  • Hands remain largely dry
  • Can also be used in tricky corners thanks to the swivel joint
  • Water and detergents are used sparingly
  • Acquisition costs a little higher

5. Why is the cover the most important accessory for the floor mop?

Look for a specific floor wiper system with which the covers can be machine washed if possible. Ideally, there are covers with different structures that can be used to clean almost any floor with ease. Determine in advance, what individual covers of a certain brand cost to buy from Rossmann and Co, before a supposed bargain quickly turns into expensive fun.

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6. Is there a floor wiper test and test winner by Stiftung Warentest?

For a model that suits your needs, see our comparison table.

In fact, Stiftung Warentest carried out a floor wiper test, which also had to test wipers. You can read the results on the institute's homepage. Whether you can still purchase the test winner today is questionable, because the test was made in 2009.

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7. Important questions and answers about floor wipers

7.1. Which manufacturers offer floor wipers?

You will find many models from well-known manufacturers in specialist shops, discounters or online retailers such as Hara floor wipers, Swiffer floor wipers or models from Ultramat, Vileda or Leifheit. With a Hara wiper and other brands, be sure to where you can also buy accessories for floor wipers and what additional costs will be incurred. In comparison, the manufacturers Spontex, Blomus, Sprintus, Cleanmaxx and Vermop were able to achieve good results.

7.2. Are there floor wipers with a water tank?

Yes, the electric vacuum cleaner and wiper combinations have a water tank. Floor wipers with spray function also have water tanks in the area of ​​the handle, which, however, have a slightly smaller capacity.

Leifheit 52014 Clean Twist
Currently available for € 56.55
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Width of the wiper head++
33 cm
Fits well under cupboardsYes
Is it easy to get under furniture with the squeegee?The Leifheit set Clean Twist XL floor wiper has a wiping width of 42 cm and can be angled extremely flat to clean under furniture.
Leifheit wiper press set Profi XL with floor wiper and rollers
Currently available from € 55.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Width of the wiper head+++
42 cm
Fits well under cupboardsYes
Does the Profi XL wiper press with the floor wiper protect your back?In any case, constant bending over is no longer necessary with the Profi XL wiper press from Leifheit. The hands are also spared, there is no contact with dirty water.
Leifheit Easy Spray XL
Currently available from € 34.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Width of the wiper head+++
42 cm
Fits well under cabinetsNo
Is warm or cold water more suitable for the Leifheit Easy Spray XL?In principle, that doesn't matter, the device works at any temperature in the normal range. With many cleaning agents, however, you can achieve a better cleaning effect with warm water.

Which are the best floor mop from our floor mop test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal floor mop test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): Bellababy floor wiper - from 22.99 euros
  • 2nd place - good: Leifheit 52014 Clean Twist - from 56.55 euros
  • 3rd place - good: Leifheit wiper set Profi XL with floor wiper and rollers - from 55.99 euros
  • 4th place - good: Leifheit Easy Spray XL - from 34.99 euros
  • 5th place - good: CLEANmaxx wiper system Smart-Komfort - from 39.99 euros
  • 6th place - good: Vileda 1-2-SPRAYmax - from 28.89 euros
  • 7th place - satisfactory: Swiffer floor wiper - from 10.65 euros
  • 8th place - satisfactory: Masthome Flat Mop & Bucket - from 37.98 euros

In the product overview for the floor wiper comparison 5 "good" floor wipers plus 2 floor wiper models with the addition "satisfactory" were collected for you. The Bellababy floor wiper is considered by many to be the top model of the "very good" floor wiper and has also been given the title of "comparison winner".

The variety of products from the manufacturer Leifheit includes more than just one excellent product. 3 of the 8 "good" and "very good" floor wipers from the above comparison table for floor wiper comparison can be assigned to the known brand.

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How many different manufacturers are examined and rated in the floor wiper comparison?

The editorial team examines and evaluates a total of 6 different manufacturers for you. More precisely, the experts compared and rated models from Bellababy, Leifheit, Cleanmaxx, Vileda, Swiffer or Masthome. More information "

How much do I have to pay at least for a floor mop?

You can buy the cheapest floor wiper for 10.65 euros, a total of 56.55 euros for a floor wiper. More information under floor wiper test. More information "

Which floor wiper is particularly popular with customers?

Customers have rated the Swiffer floor mop a total of 12426 times - making it the most frequently rated floor mop in our product comparison. In contrast, the Swiffer Floor Mop received the most stars on average. More information "

Which floor wipers clearly stand out from the competition in the assessment?

The following product deserves special mention because of the rating "VERY GOOD" by the editorial team: The Bellababy floor wiper. More information "

Which well-known models does the floor wiper comparison contain?

If you want to buy a floor mop, the following list may help you, which summarizes our floor mop comparison (or test) again:

  • Masthome Flat Mop & Bucket
  • Swiffer floor wiper
  • Vileda 1-2-SPRAYmax
  • CLEANmaxx wiping system Smart-Comfort
  • Leifheit Easy Spray XL
  • Leifheit wiper press set Profi XL with floor wiper and rollers
  • Leifheit 52014 Clean Twist
  • Bellababy floor wiper
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Which other products, similar to those from the floor wiper comparison, are recommended to customers?

We recommend floor wipers as well as Leifheit floor wipers, Leifheit wipers and Vileda Ultramat. More information "