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General information


In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), personal customer contact is currently restricted. If you want to apply for a passport, you should reserve an appointment with the nearest passport authority in good time (online, by telephone or by e-mail).

A new passport is necessary in the following cases, among others:

  • Passport no longer meets the entry requirements of the host country (e.g. remaining validity)
  • Passport has expired
  • Change of name (especially if you get married)
  • Passport does not reflect identity
  • Loss or theft

When applying for a passport for minors under 18 years of age, the authority to represent must be proven, the child must be present for identification (from birth, therefore also a baby).

The passport is usually valid for ten years. Exceptions are passports for minors under the age of twelve and other passports. After the expiry date, a new passport must be issued - renewals are not possible.

Despite the remaining validity of the passport, at any time a new passport be requested.

In the course of a new issue, the old document must be submitted for cancellation.


Even if the passport for some countries expired up to five years the use of a valid passport is strongly recommended.
The entry regulations of some countries stipulate that entry with stolen or reported lost Passports / ID cards, even if the recovery has been reported, is not possible.
The application for the issuance of a passport / identity card can be made in Germany - regardless of residence - at any passport authority.


You should be short of time after the marriage If you want to travel abroad, a new passport must be issued when you change your name. Please inquire with the responsible passport authority in good time before the wedding.

Information on the subject of "Passport urgently needed" can also be found on

Detailed information on issuing a Passports for Austrians abroad can be found in the chapter "Issuing a Passport - Austrians Abroad".


Austrian citizenship is a prerequisite for issuing an Austrian passport.

Competent authority

The passport authority:

The application for the issue of a passport can be made domestically - independent ofResidence - at any passport authority be asked.

Application to the municipality

Also take some as a special service Municipalities (although they are not passport authorities) in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol and Vorarlberg, accepting passport applications and forwarding them to the responsible passport authority. The prerequisite is that the person is registered with a place of residence in the municipality concerned.


Personal application

The application for a passport must be personally be introduced.

The passport authority does not issue the passport directly, it is issued by a ordinary deliverywithin about five working days Delivered by post to the address given (e.g. home, place of work, passport authority). When applying through the municipality, a longer waiting time must be expected.

The Express pass will be given preferential treatment in the production process and during delivery and will be sent to an address of your choice by post (usually within two to three working days).

The One-day express pass will be delivered on the next working day (Monday to Friday, except on public holidays) to an address of your choice using a courier service.

Collection of fingerprints

When applying for a passport, the fingerprints of people over the age of 12 are recorded using electronic fingerprint scanners. The scanner takes pictures of two fingers (usually the index fingers), which are then saved on a chip in the passport. Fingerprints are not taken before the child's 12th birthday ("child passport"). The fingerprints in the chip increase the security against forgery and the clear assignment of the passport to its owner can be proven even more easily. If the application is made domestically, the fingerprints are deleted no later than two months after the document has been sent or, if the application is made abroad, no later than four months after the document has been sent, so the fingerprints are only stored on the chip in the passport.

Required documents

Possibly are the following in all four cases mentioned additional documents required:

  • In the event of a name change: marriage certificate, partnership certificate and / or legally binding notice of change of name
  • If there is any uncertainty about the name, the spelling of the name (e.g. ß / ss, double name), the place of birth and the like: birth certificate, marriage certificate, partnership certificate and / or legally binding notification of name change, citizenship documents
  • If you want to enter an academic degree or the status of engineer:

In individual cases can from the passport authority other documents - especially if she has doubts about the correctness of the data (e.g. spelling).

The documents required for the issuance must be brought with you in the original or as a certified copy.

Loss / theft - If the passport has been stolen, a domestic theft report is required. Verbal notification to the passport authority is sufficient in the event of loss.


  • Passport: 75.90 euros
  • Express pass: 100 euros
  • One-day express pass: 220 euros

This fee is a flat fee, i.e. there are no additional fees to be paid (e.g. for inserts).

Additional Information

Other passports

If there are personal or professional reasons that justify the possession of a second or additional passport, if a valid passport is available, an additional passport with a maximum validity of three or five years can be applied for. The flat fee for the additional passport is also 75.90 euros. Inquire about this at the passport authority.

Passport refusal and withdrawal of a passport

If the passport authority becomes aware of facts that justify a passport refusal when a new passport is issued, a passport will not be issued. If such facts become known after the passport has been issued, the passport authority must withdraw the passport.

Official notes

Upon request, the following remarks can be entered in the passport when re-issued:

  • Special characteristics (e.g. scars, physical impairments, tattoos)
  • Explanations of the umlauts commonly used in Austria (Ä, Ö, but also the sharp s ("ß"))
  • Implants (proof by presenting e.g. a medical confirmation):
    The Show a passport with such an entry does not release from the obligation to tolerate a passenger security check.

Academic degrees

There is no obligation to enter academic degrees in passports or identity cards.

For practical reasons, it is recommended that you refrain from entering it in your passport or identity card, as the Austrian academic degrees are not known in other countries.

Up-to-dateness of the name in the passport

The passport - if it is used to cross the border - must always be in the current name.
Example: honeymoon after marriage. Please note that the tickets were / will be issued in the name in the passport.

Communication service

Citizens can use a notification service to be reminded of the renewal or change of their passport on a specific date by email.

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Legal bases

To the form

No form is required when submitting an application to the passport authority (also to the municipal district offices in Vienna); the passport authority takes a record. The form is usually only used when submitting an application via the Municipal Office needed.

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