Which is better SEO or PPC

SEO vs. PPC - Which is Better?

Is there a right or wrong answer to the question? Could you use both in the company? To make this decision, you need to understand the pros and cons of SEO and PPC.

This has been a debate that has been going on for years. Which is better: Simply buy your way to the top of the search engines via a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign or search engine marketing tool - refine your organic (or natural) search engine marketing strategy through search engine optimization (SEO)?

Deciding where to put your marketing budget is a difficult decision for many business owners, and choosing between SEO and PPC is often plagued by doubts as to which is the better tool.

Is there a right or wrong answer? Could it be both? To make this decision, you need to understand the pros and cons of SEO and PPC.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization (German: Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is often referred to as "organic" or "natural" lead generation. In general, SEO consists of optimizing your web pages to improve their position in naturally occurring search results. Organic SEO means making sure the search engine spiders can crawl and understand what's on your web pages and, ideally, that they are rating your website higher than your competitors.

The definition of what exactly SEO is can often change due to industry trends and changes to Google's algorithm, but it comes down to having a website that explains exactly what the company does and has helpful content for both human visitors and visitors to be made available to Google search engines.

This can mean the website is in good shape using clean codes and search engine friendly content that will appeal to both human readers and Google search robots. Maintaining inbound links from other websites can determine your "link authority" and improve your ranking. Blogging, social media marketing, and online videos are three of the most effective ways to get high quality links.

Benefits of organic SEO:

  • Organic SEO is very inexpensive. The labor cost of setting up and managing a PPC campaign is usually the same or even higher than the labor cost of SEO, but there is also the ongoing click fees you pay after it is set up.
  • Organic SEO is long lasting - a properly optimized website can hold a high position in search results long after a PPC campaign is shut down.
  • Search engine positioning is relatively stable, while PPC ad positions change continuously based on your competitors' bidding tactics. A well-optimized website with good link authority and excellent content can hold its search engine position if you have to distance yourself from SEO for a month.

Cons of SEO:

  • SEO is very slow compared to PPC. It can take months after you've optimized your website to start seeing results, while PPC starts delivering leads to you instantly.
  • SEO is an ongoing process. Your website will never be 100% "optimized", it just gets more and more optimized as you put more work into it. The good news is that in the future your rankings will get better and hopefully you will reap the rewards of investing in SEO.
  • SEO is time consuming, especially if you choose to do it yourself. You have the option of buying SEO tools or hiring someone to do SEO for you, but that will end up costing you real money, not your free time.

PPC / Pay-Per-Click advertising

When you buy visitors or “clicks” from Google or other search engines, it is called pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising. PPC enables you to get the search engine traffic quickly by paying or bidding for keywords related to what you are selling or a service you are offering.

Advantages of PPC:

  • No waiting: as soon as your PPC campaign starts, you will immediately see more traffic, clicks and conversions. SEO can take months before you start moving your website up in search engine results.
  • PPC is scalable and controllable - you set your budget and have a good idea of ​​how many leads you will get for it. This, in turn, will help you estimate an accurate budget for your digital marketing. SEO isn't that cut and dry, and it can take longer or require more money if the industry or location your business needs to rank for is very competitive.
  • Using PPC means you don't have to worry about a particular search engine's algorithm and how it will affect your position. You are bidding on the top spots so your organic rank won't matter. With SEO, you need to make sure that you optimize your website according to Google's best practice standards so that your website doesn't lose rank or get penalized for black hat tactics.

Disadvantages of PPC:

  • You have to pay to get good results and ideally, the more you pay, the better the results. The competition for keywords has never been as intense as it is today. This can mean paying more later for the same results you got.
  • Researching and choosing effective keywords to bid on is very time consuming. Managing your spend on keywords, measuring returns, adjusting your spend, and playing the PPC game smart is basically a full time job. Either you spend time doing it yourself or you need to hire an experienced PPC specialist who can properly run your campaigns for you.
  • PPC is like a faucet: as soon as you turn it off, it stops delivering leads to you. If all of a sudden you have to redirect your PPC budget to something else, can you survive with the leads you get naturally? SEO is long lasting, and while it's never really finished it's like a rolling snowball: it takes a while to get started and it can slow down at times, but once it picks up the momentum there's no stopping it.
  • Click fraud is still a problem as some companies use manual clicks or malicious software that simulates human clicks from different IP addresses around the world. Your competitors can quickly increase your click-through rates. Google can detect some of this scam, but there are ways to avoid it.

Which is better for my company: SEO or PPC?

So what's better? Well it depends on your industry and budget. Ideally, both natural SEO and a well-structured PPC campaign will produce the best results for a company. You will quickly start seeing more clicks and leads making sure your business is making money while your website is being optimized in the background so that it will rank higher and higher in a few months.

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