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What does Bae mean? We explain the abbreviation


The abbreviation "Bae" is often used, especially for romantic posts on Instagram. With us you can find out what is hidden behind the abbreviation. We will also explain how you can use the abbreviation correctly yourself.

What does "Bae" mean?

The abbreviation Bae is an acronym from the English language and means “Before anyone else” in German “before all others”. Bae is used to designate a person who always comes first for you. A person you would do anything for and who is always most important to you. So it can also be your "BFF". The word is also an abbreviation for “Babe” or “Baby”, which in German can be translated as treasure.

This is precisely why the abbreviation is mainly used in a romantic way and is used on Instagram for posts with loved ones. "Netflix and Chill with Bae".

"Bae": The abbreviation and its meaning

However, like almost all terms from youth language, this acronym has now been used so much that it is actually only used ironically. Many posts on the Internet with the title “Love when Bae awaits me at home”, meaning “I love it when my sweetheart is waiting for me at home” show videos with dogs or cats.

However you live, whether you are single or in steady hands, you can always use Bae. Regardless of whether you care about a person, your best friend or your pet, with the abbreviation Bae you express that the person or the animal has a very special meaning for you. So the next time you upload a couple picture with your partner or your pet, you can add this abbreviation to it and maybe add HDGDL.

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