What is the Withings target audience

Withings Activité Steel: Stylish fitness watch for men

Withings: The Activé Steel is a fitness watch for men.

Withings is known for a variety of health products. Among other things, the French company has been offering the high-priced Withings Activitémit fitness tracker for some time. With its brightly colored colors, Activité Pop is aimed more at women and younger customers. Activité Steel is now supposed to close a gap.

Classic watch with fitness functions

The Activité Steel, with its recommended retail price of 169.95 euros, is only 40 euros more expensive than the inexpensive Activité Pop - and significantly cheaper than the 380 Euroteure Activité. Withings makes the case of the Steel from stainless steel, the hands from chrome. Like Apple, Withings uses a silicone strap. The dials are supposed to be reminiscent of the speedometer of a sports car. A small display shows what percentage of the daily activity you have already achieved. The battery life should be up to eight months thanks to the watch battery.

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Steel connects with Health Mate

Like its two sister models, the Withings Activité Steel connects to the Withings Health-Mate app, which is available for iOS and Android. You can use this to set exercise and calorie goals and receive your daily activity evaluation. If you wear it while you sleep, the watch measures sleep movements and synchronizes the data with the app via Bluetooth. It should also be suitable for short trips to the swimming pool: it is up to 50 meters deep.

The Withings Activité Steel is now available for sale at a price of 169.95 euros.