Why are sheep making noise?

Can the neighbor forbid me to keep sheep?

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Neighborhood law

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we always have stress with our neighbors. This is missing from the light in the courtyard at night and from the tall grass and the hedge on the property line.

To get to my real question, we got 4 little Skudden to look after the meadow behind the house. Then the neighbor came immediately that we want to provoke him and he wants to make a complaint because the sheep are too loud for him.
If you walk in the meadow at night or bleat & lpar; the bleating of the sheep is not loud because the animal itself has a size that you can easily take it in your arms.

Now I would be interested in what the legal situation is.

1. Can he report me for keeping sheep / want to forbid it? or, do I have to lock up the sheep at certain times?

2. Can he ask to cut my grass? And force the hedge to be cut?

The property is located in a village in a rural area, there are many farmers in the village and cows, sheep, chickens etc. are kept in the vicinity.
The meadow behind our house is shown as an agricultural area in the land register. The neighboring property is directly adjacent to the meadow. The neighbor's bedroom goes out to the willow / hedge.

What consequences do I have to be prepared for? I hope I can be given information that I can specifically argue / explain something to the neighbor if he is wrong.

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