500K is half a million

500K lyrics
of Power club

500K lyrics

500 K
We throw likes in the club
500 K
The price doesn't matter
We pay digitally
There is Gisela at the bar of your choice
500 K
We step through the neighborhood
The color of the sneakers matches the belt
We rap the alphabet
Which letter comes after the T?
Miami Vice, the tooth is bleached in brilliant white
The fans of the past ask: why
Are they rapping in this strange flow?
I don't know, we thought so
This is how you do it with a track about Money
Half a million (wow, wow, wow)
A goddamn half a million!

The women with whom we live in villas
Have inner values ​​made of silicon
We throw likes in the club
I like that
500 K
You don't have a mula, go to the office
We have Mula, thanks to GEMA
Kosmonaut Festival, you sleep in the tent
We heat up the grill, burn the money
Because we can
The G stands for indulgence
Social media billionaires
Better not get in our way
Otherwise you will unfortunately be expelled
Like the Indians
(Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo)
We're running for Republicans
(Donald Trump)
Whatever happens
You don't get it
(Don't get it)
We have so much paper we heat with it
500 K
We throw likes in the club
500 K
I like
500 K
We throw likes in the club
(Thumbs up)
500 K

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