What do cleaning services cost in general

Window cleaning costs

Clean windowsis a job that requires strength and time that one would rather use for other things in a busy everyday life. It is therefore worthwhile to check the offers for professional window cleaning with us. AtexpertsTesten.de we provide the providers in the vicinity, which have proven themselves to be reliable and a good work Afford.

Square meter prices for the Window cleaning amount to 2 to 4 euros. In some cases this price can also be used costs to be added for the journey.

How are the costs for window cleaning made up?

Whom you have a company with cleaning who wants to hire windows, it is important to understand how the price is made up. Of course, every company determines its price. That is why it is also important that the Show-off to compare before deciding on a company. Often you can in fact at small cleaning companies cheaper prices that cost between 1 and 1.50 euros per square meter.

Price per square meter for cleaning large glass surfaces

One can get away from one providers also get a flat rate for a specific house or property. The price for the Window cleaning is then calculated from a number of different factors.

The price per square meter mainly plays a role for larger glass surfaces. If the price is calculated in this way, it should be remembered that the square meters to be cleaned will be charged twice if the windows are cleaned from the inside and outside.

So do you want a window with an area of ​​5 square meters inside and outside, that's how the price calculated for 10 square meters.

Number of window panes and their accessibility

For the window cleaner the time it takes to clean the windows is the basis for calculating his offer. That is why the costs for window cleaning also arise cheaper, when only a few large glass surfaces need to be cleaned. Numerous small panes are more difficult to clean and the price is correspondingly higher. The accessibility of the windows also plays a role. For example window Do not open the upper floors and only clean the facade from the outside, so this work proceeds more slowly and requires a special one Equipment. The same applies to skylights.

Does the window cleaner In other words, twice the time to clean the skylights and panes on upper floors, as it would take for a larger, normally accessible area, he usually also calculates twice as much price for this. So if a square meter price of 2 euros is normally offered, this can increase to 4 euros for the skylights.

The use of heavy equipment can also be calculated. This is often the case when it is difficult to access window should be cleaned. Such additional costs should be readily apparent from the offer. Normal Work equipment as well as cleaning products should be provided by the provider and included in the price.

The degree of soiling of the windows plays a role

When heavily soiled Windows the window cleaner also needs more time to clean the glass. If you get an offer cleaning For windows that have not been cleaned for a long time and are accordingly dirty, a higher price is also usually charged. Heavily polluted window often have to be cleaned several times and it is also possible that a special cleaner has to be used.

Additional services for glass cleaning

One lets oneself in offer for window cleaning, this can only include glass cleaning. If, in addition to the pure window area, the frames and window sills are also to be cleaned, this will be billed as an additional item. Ultimately, the Billing for the Customers in this way clearly.

Window cleaning for the normal household

who the window If you want to have it cleaned in-house, you don't necessarily have to hire a professional cleaning service. There are smaller ones, mostly local ones Cleaning company, where you can get the performance for a much lower price. Often you only pay one euro for a square meter of window area. That is the half the price you would pay with a cheap professional offer. You can now inquire about the best offers with us. In this way one can afford the luxury more often, perfectly cleaned window to enjoy without having to put up with the time-consuming work.

What are the advantages of professional window cleaning?

Even if the Window cleaning can cost up to 4 euros per square meter for professionals, many customers still consider that the professional service is worthwhile. General cleaning services take care of that Window cleaning often only when they are entrusted with other cleaning tasks. However, if you only want to have the windows cleaned, this can lead to a problem. Also clean them Companies the outside of the windows only if they can be easily reached.

For most of these cleaning companies, window cleaning is just an additional job, which is why they are not specially equipped to do it. It is therefore possible that a few streaks remain when cleaning the window, or that small residues of dirt remain in the corners of the window.

On the other hand, you trust in you professional When cleaning windows, in most cases you get streak-free, shiny windows that you can be proud of. However, the specialty of these companies are glass surfaces. One would like to frame and also clean window sills, this is not included in the price for the square meter of window area and has to be paid extra. Therefore, one should always mention such services in the order and on the offer keep an eye out for it. It should be noted that professionals use the Window cleaning often calculate differently in private households than in commercial buildings. It is therefore important to first request an individual offer.

Travel costs

Some companies also charge a fee for the journey. This should be in offer also be shown. It is therefore beneficial to choose a company that is close to your own Place of residence lies. There is usually no charge for short, local journeys. For longer stretch companies can charge between 10 and 100 euros for the journey.

Regional price differences among providers

It is quite possible that you will find different prices for window cleaning in different regions. That usually depends on various Factors from. In big cities there is for that Window cleaner often a lot to do and they therefore set the prices in the higher price range. In other cities, on the other hand, there can be great competition among companies with the same supply, which then causes prices to fall Customers to be able to win. In rural areas the costs are often low, but travel costs are added if the nearest provider is further away.

How can you save on window cleaning service?

Basically, it is worth the service one Window cleaning company to be used more often. If the windows are not very dirty, there are no surcharges on the cleaning price. In addition, it pays to hire the same company over and over again when dealing with the power is satisfied. There are often discounts for customers who have their windows cleaned at regular intervals. If you can negotiate a low price, you can get the whole costs with a smaller one flat amount to about 200 euros.

Recognize good window cleaning

The providers in our comparison listed have many excellent reviews of Customers receive. You can therefore expect yourself to receive a service that you are satisfied with.

A professional company can be recognized at first glance. The staff are courteous and courteous, and equipped with professional window cleaning equipment.

This includes high quality rags and Puller as well as high quality detergents. The professional window cleaner also does his job efficiently and cleanly. One should be perfect well-kept windows can get. Because even if you find a good deal, the cleaning service is still more expensive than if you go to the bucket and yourself Rag engages. Accordingly, the windows should also have a professional appearance.

How should you proceed if you want professional window cleaning?

If you have the window If you want to have it cleaned professionally, you should first plan exactly what is to be cleaned. The following are possible:

  • Glass panes inside and outside
  • Window frames inside and outside
  • Window sills

Then you should the to be cleaned Surfaces measure and, if possible, also determine the material of the window frames, as different materials have to be looked after in a different way. Finally, at ExpertTesten.de you can select the providers that are close to your own place of residence.

In the next step, you can contact one or more providers and work with the data that you have determined assignment write out. You get Deals, that can be compared with each other. Then you can place the order with the company whose offer seems the best and make an appointment for the window cleaning. Some companies also make a flat rate offer and initially set one up for it Viewing appointment at.

On the day the windows are cleaned, you should finally make sure that the window cleaners have access to all windows to be cleaned and that the water is available.

After cleaning is complete, everyone should plastered surfaces and one should also check whether anything has become dirty or damaged during cleaning. Eventual Complaints should be done immediately.