What is the salary of government engineers

Talkin go money

When looking for an employer who pays a lot of money, the government often fails to come to mind. Government jobs are known to offer a lot of things, like stability, decent hours, and amazing perks, but the types of big salaries you find at Goldman Sachs and Microsoft tend to pull government employees away. However, working for the government does not always mean accepting a middle income. For professionals with the right education and skills, certain government jobs can be quite lucrative. To be fair, none offer the kind of compensation that is bestowed on elite investment bankers or neurosurgeons. Nonetheless, if you choose the right calling, it is possible to enjoy a six figure salary while working for the government. The following government agencies offer the highest average salaries as of 2015.


Astronomers who work for the government do well financially. Best of all, you don't have to adjust and shoot into space if that's not your thing. While the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) pays astronauts well, and it's a sought-after career for the tiny group of Americans who meet the rigorous standards for the position, the Air Force, Army, and Department of Defense also employ professionals with astronomy backgrounds in Roles such as aviation imaging and aeronautical analysis and as pilots and flight engineers.

As of 2015, the average annual salary for a government astronomer is $ 116,072. The projected growth of the field in the coming years is between 9 and 17%. Most careers in this field require at least a bachelor's degree, and many require a master's degree or a PhD


Lawyers in posh New York law firms often make $ 140,000 north of law outside of law school. However, these companies are also known for demanding 80-hour working weeks and not knowing the importance of work-life balance. For aspiring lawyers willing to stand up for more modest wages when they are still well above the national average, federal, state, and local governments hire tens of thousands of employees a year, pay them well, and actually give them time to go along with the family to spend work. The average prosecutor's salary in 2015 is $ 119,240 for federal employees, $ 78,810 for city employees, and $ 75,840 for state employees. The forecast growth is a robust 11%.

Finance manager

Financial management is another career that is big money making in the private sector, but often at the expense of free time that does not provide such wealth. The government offers an alternative for financial professionals looking for a more balanced life; while it can't match the salaries of investment banks and hedge funds, the government still pays six percent to top talent, along with great retirement plans and a good vacation time. In addition, New York has the highest concentration of government financial management positions. So if you're moving away from Wall Street, you don't have to uproot your family. As of 2015, the average salary for the state finance manager is $ 101,022, and the projected growth rate is 13%.


The federal career is rounded off by an average six-figure wage or better as an engineer. The Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior are the two government agencies that hire the most engineers. Students considering this route can even test the water with a biomedical engineering internship offered by the National Institutes of Health. The average salary for a government engineer in 2015 is $ 100,551. The growth rate for the coming years is estimated at 11%. The educational minimum is a Bachelor in Engineering; This field is particularly known for high starting salaries for government employees.