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Law on the Status of Soldiers (Soldiers Act - SG)

first sectionCommon rules 1. General§ 1Definitions§ 2Length of military service; Service period calculation§ 3Appointment and employment principles§ 4Appointment, rank titles, uniform§ 4a(dropped out)§ 5Right of grace 

2. Duties and Rights of Soldiers§ 6Civil rights of the soldier§ 7Basic duty of the soldier§ 8Stand up for the basic democratic order§ 9Oath and solemn pledge§ 10Obligations of the supervisor§ 11obedience§ 12Camaraderie§ 13truth§ 14secrecy§ 15Political activity§ 16Conduct in other states§ 17Conduct on and off duty§ 17aObligation to maintain health and patient rights§ 18Shared accommodation and catering§ 19Prohibition of accepting rewards or gifts, disclosure and disclosure obligation§ 20Sideline§ 20aActivity after leaving military service§ 21Guardianship and honorary positions§ 22Prohibition of performing the service§ 23Breach of service§ 24liability§ 25Right to vote; Office relationships§ 26Loss of rank§ 27Career regulations§ 28vacation§ 28aVacation until the beginning of retirement§ 29Personnel file§ 29aProcessing of special categories of personal data§ 29bHealth record§ 29cPersonnel records office§ 29dStorage of personnel files§ 29eAuthorized disclosure of private secrets§ 30Cash and benefits in kind, supplies§ 30aPart-time employment, family care leave and care leave§ 30bCoincidence of vacation and part-time employment§ 30cworking hours§ 30dMaximum working hours for certain activities§ 31care§ 31aPayment by the employer in the event of claims for pain and suffering§ 32Certificate of service and certificate of service§ 33Citizenship and international law instruction§ 34complaint§ 35Participation rights of soldiers§ 35aParticipation in the shaping of service law§ 36Pastoral care

second partLegal status of professional soldiers and temporary soldiers 

1. Establishment of the employment relationship§ 37Requirement for the appointment§ 38Obstacles to calling§ 39Establishment of the employment relationship of a professional soldier§ 40Establishing the employment relationship of a soldier on a temporary basis§ 41Form of justification and conversion

2. Promotion§ 42Form of transport

3. Termination of employmenta) Termination of the employment relationship of a professional soldier§ 43Reasons for termination§ 44Entry and retirement§ 45Age limits§ 45aconversion§ 46Dismissal§ 47Responsibility, duty to be heard and deadlines for dismissal§ 48Loss of legal status as a professional soldier§ 49Consequences of dismissal and loss of legal status as a professional soldier§ 50Transfer to temporary retirement§ 51reuse§ 51a(dropped out)§ 52Retrial§ 53Conviction after termination of employmentb) Termination of the temporary employment of a soldier§ 54Reasons for termination§ 55Dismissal§ 56Consequences of the dismissal and the loss of the status of a temporary soldier§ 57Resumption of proceedings, convictions after termination of employment

Third sectionMilitary service after
the conscription law; Reserve military service relationship; voluntary military service
as a special civic commitment

1. Military service according to the conscription law§ 58Military service according to the conscription law2.Reserve military service relationship§ 58aReserve military service relationship3.Voluntary military service as a special civic commitment§ 58bVoluntary military service as a special civic commitment§ 58cTransmission of personal data by the registration authorities§ 58dAdvice and investigationSection 58eObligation§ 58fstatus§ 58gEntry into service§ 58hTermination of voluntary military service according to § 58b

Fourth sectionService obligation 

1. Scope and types of services§ 59Group of people§ 60Types of services§ 61Exercises§ 62Special foreign uses§ 63Assistance inside§ 63aAssistance abroadSection 63bMilitary service to temporarily improve staff readiness 

2. Service exemptions§ 64Incapacity§ 65Exclusion of services§ 66Exemption from services§ 67Deferral of services§ 68Indispensable 

3. Recruitment Process§ 69Jurisdiction§ 70Procedure§ 71Medical examination, hearing§ 72Use of unserved service providers§ 73Recruitment of served service providers 

4. Termination of services and loss of rank§ 74Termination of Services§ 75Dismissal from the services§ 76Exclusion from services and loss of rank 

5. Monitoring and enforcement of the obligation to provide services§ 77Service monitoring; liability§ 78Residence determination procedure§ 79Demonstration and delivery 

6. Relation to military service§ 80Competition regulation

Fifth sectionBusiness events § 81Attendance at business events

Sixth sectionLegal protection

1. Legal process§ 82Responsibilities

2. Legal remedies and legal remedies against administrative acts according to the fourth section§ 83Special provisions for the pre-litigation procedure§ 84Appeal against decisions of the administrative court§ 85Special provisions for the action for avoidance

Seventh sectionFine regulations; Transitional and final provisions§ 86Fine regulations§ 87Hiring other applicants§ 88Dismissal of other applicants§ 89Notifications in criminal matters§ 90Organization Act§ 91Representation of civil servants, employees and workers§ 92Transitional provision for careers§ 93Competence for issuing statutory ordinances§ 94Transitional provision on the occasion of the Amendment Act of 24 February 1983 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 179)§ 95Transitional provision on the occasion of the Amendment Act of December 6, 1990 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 2588)§ 96Transitional provision on the occasion of the Service Law Reform Act§ 97Transitional provision on the occasion of the Amendment Act of December 19, 2000 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 1815)§ 98Transitional provision on the occasion of the Law Amending the Defense Law 2011§ 99Transitional provision on the occasion of the Emergency Supply Improvement Act§ 100Transitional provision on the occasion of the law on the contribution relief of the insured in the statutory health insurance