Why is online gaming so misogynistic

Female gamers: What are your experiences with online gaming?

It's not just men who play games, that's for sure. But the scene seems almost like a boy's club because when it comes to video games, men are the loudest in the industry and the ones who speak up. Women appear - it seems - mostly in the context of sexism and discrimination. In online gaming and in gaming communities in particular, women are exposed to sexual harassment, exclusion and sexist statements.

Why is that? In the gaming scene, clichéd gender images prevail: women only play "Sims" or mobile phone games like "Candy Crush" and no real games anyway, women can't handle a controller anyway, and even if they do, they are always worse than Men. These views culminate in extreme forms: women in the gaming scene are often victims of shitstorms and are threatened with rape in forums. Such toxic behavior is also evident when developer studios do not, for example, portray female characters as busty and scantily clad characters or implement female characters - for example in war games, because that is not historically accurate.

In 2016, 141 female first-person shooter gamers were surveyed, and almost 76 percent said they had been discriminated against or experienced verbal harassment while gaming. Such experiences lead to women in online gaming not even identifying themselves as women or to withdrawing from gaming altogether.

Dear users, what is your experience?

Have you ever been discriminated against or attacked in online gaming? Have you experienced sexism? How could one sensitize the industry? Exchange ideas in the forum! (rec, 9.3.2021)