How does the army pay its soldiers

US troops in Germany: who bears the costs?

US troops in Germany: who bears the costs?

criticize something - say that you don't like something

Military (n., Singular only) - the soldiers of a country; the army

News agency, -en (f.) - a company that publishes news

plus - here: and also

to find oneself - be in one place

Headquarters, -n (f.) - here: the place from which something is organized

Army, -n (f.) - the soldiers of a country

Luftwaffe, -n (f.) - the part of the military that fights with airplanes

Middle East (m.) - Countries in the Middle East such as B. Saudi Arabia or Israel

Commander, -en / Kommandantin, -nen - here: someone who leads a group in the military (e.g. on a ship)

Access (m., Here only singular) - here: the opportunity to get / use something

Allies, -n (m./f.) - here: someone who supports another in war

SPD (f.) - Abbreviation for: Social Democratic Party of Germany

NATO (f., Singular only) - a group of (mostly European and North American) states that support each other in war

Gross domestic product, -e (n.) - the value of all goods and services produced in a country in a year

Troop, -n (f.) - here: the army; a group of soldiers

be stationed - work as a soldier in a certain place

Base, -e (m.) - here: a military base; an area used by the military