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All features within reach

Call center set up in no time

Set up your call center with just one click so your support and sales teams can get started faster. Create new user accounts, organize your workflows and create local phone numbers in over 100 countries.

Efficient teamwork

Create personal IVRs and enable smart call forwarding to connect callers to the responsible agent every time. Collaborate using the shared inbox, apply tags or comments, and assign follow-ups to specific team members.

Track the progress of your KPIs

With Aircalls Live-Feed you get an insight into the performance of your call center. See in real time who is available, who is on the phone and how long your customers are waiting. With this information, you can customize workflows at any time to minimize the number of missed calls and meet your goals.

Our call center features

Call forwarding

Forward incoming calls to the entire team at the same time or set up a telephone sequence.

Call monitoring

Listen to ongoing calls and observe the performance of your employees.

Call times

You decide when you can be reached and you can set up flexible call times.

Call wrap-up

After a phone call, give your team time to mark, assign and prepare for the next call.

Call center statistics

Keep an overview of your numbers - missed calls, processing times and accepted calls per user or team.

Conference calls

Simply start a conversation together using Aircall's conference call feature. With the VoIP phone solution from Aircall you can connect a total of five people in a live conference call.


Put your callers on hold until a colleague becomes available.

Call recording

Use call recordings for internal quality analyzes of your customer service and use them for training purposes.


Make sure you don't get spam and focus on the important things.

Easy for admins and users

Integration with 1 click

Connect Aircall to your CRM and help desk to centralize your workflows and maintain automatic call logging.

Intuitive controls

Reduce training from months to minutes with simple and stylish apps that agents will appreciate.

Easy to manage

Add new numbers, teammates or routing rules on the fly. No IT consultants are required.

frequently asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of a call center software?

    A really good one Call center software combines the most important customer communication channels such as telephone, e-mail, chat and SMS in a uniform user interface and equips them with professional call center functions.

    The Call center software significantly improves the organization, efficiency and productivity of employees who deal with a large number of customers, especially in customer service and sales.

    Virtual call center software enables your teams to work completely online if necessary and without additional hardware and offers numerous advantages for operational processes, both in the office and in the home office.

  • How does a call center software work

    The virtual call center software works with VoIP technology. The VoIP infrastructure transfers calls to suitable electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and VoIP hardphones via an Internet connection.

    VoIP technology securely stores data in the cloud and enables the call center software to be integrated with many external SaaS applications provided by a variety of specialist companies, creating an evolving and powerful synchronized business tool. The list of services and solutions into which Aircall's call center software can be integrated is growing and currently includes over 60 of the most important CRMs, help desks, marketing software, chat bots, eCommerce platforms and much more.

    Simple call center software saves the customer data from every incoming call and, for example, adds new numbers to the customer history from previous contacts. More advanced software works with CTI pop-ups. These pop-ups synchronize the logs of customer calls with integrated CRM programs such as HubSpot, so that a customer does not have to explain his concern to every new agent in the event of repeated calls.

    Modern software can also be set up so that calls are routed directly to the correct agent in the appropriate department via a custom IVR menu. Aircall's call center software has many other integrated functions, including intelligent forwarding based on the foreign language skills or specializations of the agents, sorting calls into specific queues, offering callback options, live call monitoring and a whisper function , Warm transfer (forwarding with consultation) and much more.

    Aircall's intuitive call center software also supports real-time notes, tagging and detailed analysis. These functions help in the creation of follow-up strategies and after-call work for an agent, as well as in defining further business goals and narrowing down the areas in which the team needs further training.

  • What are the advantages of software for call centers?

    In addition to the advantages of the various software integrations and useful functions that virtual software makes available to call centers, the implementation of call center software brings decisive core advantages for a company.

    An important factor is the low installation and operating costs of a professional business telephone system. Virtual call center software does not require any hardware or specialized IT technicians; it is simply downloaded from a browser and / or as an app and installed on the employees' existing electronic devices, such as smartphones or laptops. Maintenance is superfluous as the software is easily updated and serviced by SaaS partners such as Aircall - no additional maintenance work is required.

    Since the employees are in distributed teams through the virtual call center software are no longer tied to a specific location, the company's operating costs can be reduced even further. In addition, around-the-clock customer service and multilingual support can easily be set up - an indispensable flagship for companies serving large international markets.

    All in all, the right call center software significantly improves the customer experience and relieves the call center agents in their work. Workflows are streamlined and geared towards cross-departmental collaboration, which benefits everyone involved. Sales cycles are shortened and streamlined by allowing certain agents to focus on fine-tuning their scripts and finding promising new customers using the software, while others focus more on closing deals successfully. Call volume can be maximized using click-to-dial or by implementing a dialing computer such as Aircall's Power-Dialer, leaving sales reps free to focus on making personalized, high-quality calls.

  • How do I set up a call center?

    Before setting up your call center, you should first determine which telephone system is best for your company. Based on this, you select the appropriate compatible call center software. To do this, see our guide for all the options currently available.

    With the completely virtual call center software from Aircall, you can set up your own professional call center easily and without any new hardware on your existing devices. Now you have to decide whether you want to use your own employees as call center agents or employ the external call center of a third party. Implement call center best practices to get your call center running at its best.

    Take the time to train your employees thoroughly in the efficient use of the call center software and to familiarize them with the professional handling of customers, the scripts and the soft skills required for customer care. This is particularly important if you are setting up the call center with your own team, but should also be taken into account if you use third-party services. Seamless communication and regular product training are essential for a smooth process. Make sure you explain any security procedures carefully, especially if the call center is being outsourced. You will be entrusting confidential and sensitive information about your customers and your company to agents you've never met and should review call center providers for their security policies and practices accordingly.

    Book a demo with Aircall to start setting up your own virtual call center. With a single, intuitive user interface, our cloud-based call center software offers you incomparably efficient functions for increasing productivity and detailed analyzes of all telephone processes in your company. Enjoy a variety of valuable, time-saving and innovative integrations for your existing apps and business tools. Start your free 7-day trial today and discover a world of possibilities!

  • Which software is used for call centers?

    If you want to provide first class telephone support to your customers, this is professional Call center software indispensable. Without analytical insights, an efficient system for waiting or routing calls, and synchronizing the CRM databases, frustrated customers inevitably end up on hold or have to repeatedly explain their problem to different employees.

    A good Call center software Provides service staff with an overview of all previous calls and provides useful information on customers or their concerns. It helps manage the various communication channels and also offers constructive organizational and time-saving functions. First-class call center software offers all of these services and more in one intuitive all-in-one solution.

    In addition to cloud-based telephone systems, there are many other types of specialized software for call centers. This includes software for personnel management, help desk software, CRM solutions, task management software, software for personalized voice messages, software for managing various communication channels via chat bots, etc. If these different solutions are integrated with one another, the software stack is the same However, your call center can quickly become overloaded.

    Some call center software providers also offer server-based solutions that are suitable for companies that have in-house data storage units or work over traditional telephone networks. Cloud-based call center software, such as that provided by Aircall, is typically offered by third party VoIP providers through a SaaS subscription model.

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