How do I log into Wordpress org

Where can I find my WordPress login?

It should actually be very easy to log into the WordPress dashboard. But newbies in particular are wondering where to find the WordPress login. It's pretty easy to log into WordPress - if you know how and where. Find out here.

"Many roads lead to Rome" - and it is similar with the WordPress login. Because there are several ways how you can call up the WordPress site.

The WordPress login url

When you create a new WordPress site, a standard URL is also created for the login area to your backend. This path takes you to your login area. This WordPress login URL is always structured according to the same pattern. It is made up of the URL of your new domain and the addition "wp-login.php“.

The question now arises as to whether you set up your website via or whether you are a user of and have installed WordPress on a server yourself. If you use the free version of, your domain is part of the multisite. Your URL will then be

You can read the exact differences in the article vs.

Now you have to enter the URL of your domain and the addition "wp-login.php“Combine with each other. In our example, the link to the WordPress login would be as follows:

You can access your WordPress login at any time using this link. Alternatively, you can simply add "/ wp-admin", Then you will also be redirected to the WordPress login.

If you don't want to keep going back to the page this way, you can bookmark it for your browser. Or you can use the option to integrate or link the WordPress login directly on your site.