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Gmail: Set your web browser as the default e-mail program

Peter Stelzel-Morawietz

Many users use their preferred Internet browser instead of a classic mail client when they check their e-mails. We'll show you how to set this as your default mail program.

EnlargeGmail: Set your web browser as the default e-mail program

They know that certain programs can be selected specifically for a number of activities in the Microsoft operating system: the desired browser for surfing, the desired player for listening to music, the desired e-mail program for sending messages, and so on. But more and more users are not using a classic mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird for emailing, but are doing it in the browser.

However, for this to work comfortably when clicking a mail-to-link, it is not enough to simply select the web browser as the default mail program. We explain the procedure for a Gmail / Googlemail address and the two browsers Chrome and Firefox.

EnlargeIn the first step, set the browser of your choice under Windows 10 not only for surfing, but also as a mail program.

That's how it's done: In Windows 10, enter "Standard" in the lower left of the execution line and specify your preferred browser for both "E-mail" and "Web browser", for example Firefox.

Start the Mozilla browser, click on the three lines in the top right corner and then on "Settings". In the “General” area, scroll down to the “Files and Applications” section and select “Open with Gmail” under “Applications -› mailto ”. If you click on an email address in the future, Firefox will start directly in the Gmail window.

EnlargeIn Firefox you have to know how to set the browser as the standard program for mailing. It's a little more complicated with Google Chrome.

If you prefer the Google browser instead of Firefox, define Chrome as the standard program for mail and web under Windows as described. Then open the Chrome browser, click on the three-dot menu at the top right and then on "Settings -› Advanced "and in the" Data protection and security "area on the right arrow next to" Website settings ". Here, open the “Additional permissions” option at the bottom, continue with the arrow to the right of “Handler” and activate the “Allow websites to be registered as standard handlers for protocols option (recommended)”. Then open Gmail in your browser, log in and click on the symbol to the right of the address line which, when hovering the mouse over it, displays “This page would like to install a service handler”. Confirm with "Allow -> Done".

Tip: With the mail client Mailbird, several e-mail accounts can be managed under a common program interface.