How many dimensions are there really

Physicists have succeeded in simulating the fifth dimension for the first time

The creation of the fourth dimension: 100 years E = mc² — When space and time became one

But what happens when it comes to a naked singularity? Nobody really knows that exactly, the only thing that is certain is that the theory of relativity would no longer apply. Everything we created and thought of using our knowledge of gravity would be turned upside down, since we built our lives around Einstein's theory of relativity. In classical (mechanical) physics there were three dimensions: length, width and height, which are the only ones that humans are able to perceive. With Einstein, the fourth temporal dimension was added, which describes the union of space and time in a unified four-dimensional space-time. Thanks to Einstein, we can determine the age of stars or use GPS to locate them in a very practical everyday application.

"When the Naked Singularity exists, General Relativity breaks down," explained Sran Tunyasuvunakool, a collaborator on the study. "And if General Relativity breaks down, everything would be turned upside down because we could no longer predict anything - it could no longer exist as a stand-alone theory that explains the universe. "

So if Einstein wasn't right after all, we need completely new formulas and theories to explain our universe. The researchers involved in the simulation also stated that with the calculations they had even pushed the supercomputer COSMOS, which can perform 38 trillion arithmetic operations per second, to its limits.