What day is yesterday

Days of the week

Today is Wednesday, which day was the day before yesterday?

Find the correct day of the week

These Logic test task deals with the days of the week Monday through Sunday. Your task is to find the logically correct day based on a given weekday. Sounds easy at first when you ask: Today is Wednesday, which day was the day before yesterday? Logical: Monday! But it can get trickier: If today is Monday, which day is three days after yesterday?

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Further online tests: logic & abstraction

Notes on the Logic & Abstraction category

Tests on your logical thinking and your ability to abstract are part of the so-called intelligence test. The HR managers try to determine whether you are able to behave intelligently, i.e. logically, sensibly and coherently. Unfortunately, in the eyes of HR managers, those who cannot correctly conclude from A to B are usually not the right candidate for the position. Be clever and train your logical thinking skills even before the aptitude test!

Processing instructions

Read the assignment carefully. Logical thinking tests are usually structured according to certain logical patterns. Only when you have fully understood the task can you also recognize the underlying rules. The more you practice, the sooner you will notice the structure of the task.

What is the difference in the first row from picture to picture? Look for changes in the position, number, shape, color, size etc. of individual or several elements. Which element of the second row logically complements the top row?

As with many test procedures, it is also important for tasks related to your logical thinking and abstraction ability to rule out obviously wrong possible solutions as quickly as possible and to concentrate on the essential, possible answers. If you cannot decide on an answer, instead of leaving the task unsolved, give it a guess. Do not get any further with one task, skip it and devote yourself to the next instead of wasting valuable time.

Tips for preparation

If your result is unsatisfactory on the first, second, or third run, don't be discouraged. Practice creates masters! Almost none of the tasks can be successfully completed without prior training.

Go through the practice tests several times. Repeat the tasks you were wrong about until you find the right answer. Then think about why this answer is the right one. It is not about memorizing the tasks and possible answers, but about understanding and comprehending connections.

Look closely! Appearances are often deceptive and the obvious answer is not always the right one.

Which dish does not go well with the others?

  1. Sausages with mustard
  2. Sauerbraten with sauce
  3. Fried potatoes with bacon
  4. Apple strudel with vanilla sauce
  5. fries with ketchup

Perhaps the obvious answer would be d) apple strudel with vanilla sauce. All other dishes are hearty, this one is sweet. But wrong! The correct answer is c) - the only dish without a sauce-like addition.

Tests on your logical thinking and your ability to abstract can be very extensive and consist of a wide variety of task types. To avoid unpleasant surprises during the aptitude test, go through all training tests if possible.

If you come across words you don't know while doing a language assignment, see what they mean. This also increases your general knowledge at the same time.

Try to simulate the test situation as best you can. Put yourself under time pressure and do not use any aids.