How do you distract yourself

The next class test is due, the teacher buzzes you more homework than usual, your best friend doesn't answer and it's not exactly chilled at home either because the parents are stressing unnecessarily again? Believe us, we know all of this all too well. That's why we want to cheer you up in such moments and tell you which 9 simple tips against stress you can soon be completely relaxed and breathe deeply again.

9 tips against stress

So that you can get started right away, we will start with the first piece of advice, which is guaranteed to create a lot of distraction and get you out of your stress cavity.

Sport, sport, sport

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We all know it, and so do you: Sport is fun once you've managed to get up. During sport you can work out completely, thereby reducing stress and feeling all the more relaxed afterwards - and you are happy! Because endorphins are released during exercise, i.e. happiness hormones that give you exactly that great feeling.


Bake bake cake

If everything gets too much for you again and you want to deal with something completely different, you should just bake a cake. Because when baking, you have to concentrate all the time and be very precise.
Tip: The cake doesn't have to be that special, but try turning the cake into a cake by decorating it nicely. Then you will forget everything else around you!


Listen to music loudly and dance to it

One of the best remedies for stress is also the simplest: Start your favorite playlist, crank it up and dance to your favorite songs!

Music makes you happy and, above all, dancing releases a whole load of endorphins, which are great against stress.


Muck out and tidy up

Above all, throwing off old ballast helps against stress. This also includes putting your own chaos back in order.
Sort your things, documents, clothes and tidy up. Mucking out is good for the soul and makes room for new things.

A long walk