What is the best brand AR 15


At the AR-15 it is a particularly light assault rifle made by ArmaLite. It is the direct successor to the company's AR-10 rapid fire rifle. The aim was to give the individual soldier more firepower. This should not only be able to carry around more ammunition, but also to hold down or destroy the enemy with targeted continuous fire. This was not possible with the main orderly weapon, the M14 rapid-fire rifle, which was previously carried by US troops, as this was not controllable with fully automatic fire. The lower weight achieves that AR-15 by using extroverted aluminum for the weapon housing. The ability to carry more ammunition for the same weight by using an intermediate cartridge. The first AR-15 Assault rifles were still manufactured for the .222Remington hunting cartridge, later the .223 Remington (metisch 5.64x45mm), optimized for mass production, was changed. The assault rifle achieves its good stability through the lower recoil of the smaller cartridge and the position of the stock in line with the barrel.


  • Light, the housing made of aluminum
  • More ammunition, with small cartridges
  • Good stability in sustained fire thanks to central cartridges and direct gas system


The weapon works on the principle of the shooting, air-cooled gas pressure loader with a rotating head lock. A direct gas system, similar to that of the Swedish Ljungman M / 42 self-loading rifle, is used, which draws powder gases from the barrel and transfers them through a gas tube directly to the breech. The advantage of this system is that there are fewer moving parts, this reduces maintenance costs, makes it less likely that parts will be lost during dismantling in the field and also reduces the number of spare parts in logistics. In addition, this minimizes the vibrations and the displacement of mass when firing, which also increases the stability during continuous fire. However, in comparison to the Ljungman M / 42, the gases are not directed onto the breech, but into the breech, where they press the bolt head and bolt carrier apart and turn the rotating head bolt with 8 locking lugs out of the trunnion, which at AR-15 Is part of the run. The return of the bolt against the bolt spring is initiated by the direct gas pulse more gently than with indirect gas pressure chargers, which further improves the continuous fire stability.

Faces / military

For a long time ArmaLite and the main developer Eugene Stoner tried in vain to buy their light assault rifle. It was only when the USA began to equip the South Vietnamese Army with an M14 rapid fire rifle and they had problems with this model due to their stature, that interest in the AR-15 awakened. However, the first orders were made by the US Airforce, which saw the AR-15 the ideal weapon for the guards at their airfields in Vietnam. Since ArmaLite only had a small production capacity of its own, the production went to Colt, who did the AR-15 further improved and delivered as Colt Model 601 to the US Airforce, which introduced it as the US Airforce M16. The US Army later also expressed its interest and tested the Colt Model 602. It was originally planned to introduce the model to all US armed forces as the M16. However, the US Army insisted on a locking aid. The Colt AR-15 Model 604 was introduced to the Air Force as the M16 and the Colt AR-15 Model 603 to the US Army as the XM16E1.

Faces / civil market

The AR-15 from Armalite was never offered on the civilian market, but with the R6000 Colt created a version of the AR-15 without fully automatic and marketed this semi-automatic rifle as the Colt AR-15 Sporter SP-1. Other models with different barrel lengths followed later. The improvements made to the M16 such as those of the M16A2 were also repeatedly adopted in the Colt AR-15 models, for example. in the R6500 marketed as AR-15A2 Sporter II. These semi-automatic rifles, also called AR-15, must not be confused with the AR-15 assault rifle from ArmaLite.

AR-15 type semi-automatic rifles

An AR-15 style self-loading rifle with bull barrel

After the license rights expired, a large number of arms manufacturers in the USA began to manufacture parts or entire weapons roughly according to the model AR-15 or more specifically based on the model of the then current M16A2. In the long run this led to an almost incalculable mass of models, some of which refer to themselves as AR-15s, for example. Schmeisser AR-15 or for the sake of simplicity "AR-15" style weapons are called. However, these third-party manufacturers are also not allowed to use the historical rifles AR-15 Assault rifle be set the same.


The original magazine of the AR-15 held 25 rounds, the straight 25 round magazines had problems with the feeding of the slightly conical cartridges and were therefore only produced in small numbers. Colt will later produce a slightly curved 30 round magazine for the M16, as well as 5 and 10 round magazines for the Colt R6000 / Colt AR-15 Sporter (SP-1).


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